One Tray Meal

08.28.2015 by Emily |

We’re always excited to put the oven on and start cooking at the beginning of fall, are you the same?

How about making dinner on just one baking tray and that’s all!

boxwood clippings | one tray meal

boxwood clippings | one tray meal

We sliced up our veggies and thawed chicken, placed them on a baking sheet, drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with s+p.

Bake at 350 for about 40 mins until veggies are tender and chicken is cooked through!

A delicious, healthy meal with only one dish to clean up…Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Holler Dollar: Basic String

08.27.2015 by Emily |

When we need to wrap a present fast, you can’t beat a simple package tied up with string!

boxwood clippings | string

We picked up the string at the Dollar Tree (hardware aisle and in store only).

Paired with butcher paper or craft paper HERE, and you have a pretty present ready in a flash.

Just a buck for a great wrapping staple…yes please!

Update A Room on ANY Budget!

08.24.2015 by sarah and emily |

Sarah’s family room was feeling a little blah.

Her room has cream walls, a dark brown leather sectional and just felt a little dated.

With a next-to-nothing budget we brightened things up by adding more contrast by pulling black and white items from around the house.

Take a look:

boxwood clippings | living room spruce

boxwood clippings | living room spruce

boxwood clippings | living room spruce

boxwood clippings | living room spruce


Change Throw Pillows
Sarah’s pillows were all monotone so it was a great start, all the couch needed was a little ‘punch’. These ones worked out perfectly, see HERE and  HERE. Adding pattern and contrast is always a breath of fresh air!

Switch up Artwork
We created the mini gallery wall by collecting unused black and white pieces from storage. Sarah had the silhouettes of the twins done at Disneyland and we popped them into $3 frames (HERE). To help bring the look together we painted basic circles onto a piece of card stock and hung with a skirt hanger. All these were attached with command strips, so they’ll be no nail holes when she’s ready to switch it up again!

Other existing frames got a fresh look by repositioning them. The brown frame in the entry, got a buddy by adding a one above it. This really made more of a feature and elevates the eye upward!

Add White!
White is essential to brightening up any space. A simple $8 lack table HERE worked great next to the couch.

.The room is the main living area in the house and doubles as family room and formal living room. We feel we mastered the art of living with kids, without sacrificing design and feeling like a grown ups!

Paint is next, we’re just meditating over color. Any thoughts on what would look good?

Bacon and Brie Baguettes

08.21.2015 by sarah and emily |

Last Christmas our sis in law, Kimberly made the most amazing bacon and brie baguettes and we haven’t stopped thinking about them since!

Comfort food season is almost upon us, so we thought it was about time to recreate…

boxwood clippings | bacon and brie baguettes

We first cooked the bacon, and then sliced brie onto sliced baguettes and toasted in the oven until the cheese bubbled.

Topped with bacon and you have a decadent meal ready for a weekend brunch, the first football game, or any day you need a treat.

Bread, cheese and bacon….nothing not to love!

Collegiate Baby Headbands

08.19.2015 by Sarah |

College football season is just around the corner and with two crazy fan husbands we have to embrace the season…

boxwood clippings | school pride baby headbands

To make we used our easy baby bow template (HERE)…

boxwood clippings | school pride baby headbands

We then tied university colored ribbons instead of the classic bow.

boxwood clippings | school pride baby headbands

Maybe the girls will be the lucky charms this year…let’s hope so!

Go Bruins!