Monday Deals: Banana Republic, Gap + Old Navy

There’s something about a GREAT deal that gives me a bit of a high, I love knowing I got the very most bang for my buck. Good deals can be found throughout the year, but the best finds are when the stores are trying to clear seasonal items for new stock, and NOW is definitely one of those times.

Today at the Mall I discovered Banana Republic has an additional 50% off ALL the sale items store-wide; Gap is an additional 50% off sale items in the women’s department, and an additional 40% off sale items in baby section; and Old Navy is somewhere between 40%-50% off all sale items depending on store.

One of my favorite deals of the day was THIS cardie from Gap, it was originally $49.50 I paid $3.99. woot woot!

When shopping for deals, it’s very important to know how you will use the item, never purchase for the sake of the deal, it’s only truly a deal if you put the item to good use. Plan ahead, shop early for gifts, and a season or two ahead for those you clothe, you’ll be amazed at how much you can save. Good luck…and happy bargain shopping!

6 Responses to “Monday Deals: Banana Republic, Gap + Old Navy”

  1. Bri Says:

    Ahhhh you are the best shopper! So impressed!!!! Love the cardigan. Will run to B.Gap to see if they have anything left. :) Thanks ladies!

  2. Brittany @ The Aubergine Notebook Says:

    the best bargain shopper i’ve ever seen. ;) i still have so much to learn!

  3. Dad Says:

    Just checking to see what you girls are up – I see you have been to the shops again!

  4. Dad Says:

    Just checking to see what you girls are up to – I see you have been to the shops again!

  5. terri Says:

    Lots of lovely bargains for Birthday and Christmas presents…….

  6. LB Says:

    Bri and Brittany are correct! You are the very best shopper! Wow!! Thanks for the tip. :)