Entryway Organization

pottery barn

I am looking to re-do my Entry.  As the first thing you and others see when walking into your home it is pretty crucial to keep this area organized, neat and pretty all at the same time.  Having very minimal space as always a dilemma and rules out what I would really like (pic above).

Things I like about my entrance:

1) The dish we keep our keys in right next to the door, we never lose them!

2)  Having a lamp to reach for as you walk into the dark, instead of flipping on the flourescent light!

3)  The little chest of drawers to put our gloves, hats, extra keys etc. (takes up hardly any space).

Things that aren’t working and would like to improve:

1)  A place for shoes.

2)  A more welcoming atmosphere.

I would love your help with this project.  What do you use to keep your entry organized?  Hooks, cubbies, shelves?  What do think is inviting when you enter a home?

One Response to “Entryway Organization”

  1. Crystal H Says:

    I love the white chest of drawers in your entryway. I have a perfect spot for a piece like that, and would love to know where you purchased yours. Thanks!