Happy Presidents Day!

While studying at BYU somebody asked me what non-major class I enjoyed the most while earning my degree. My answer was surprising even to myself: American Heritage. Being a proud and very patriotic Brit, I wouldn’t have suspected that I’d love  American history so much, but the more I learned about the founding fathers (in particular, George Washington), and the miracle of how this country began, the more fascinated and engaged I became.

Painting by Arnold Friberg

Over the past couple of years Brock and I have been able to visit a couple of historical sites on the East Coast. Here I am at Independence Hall soaking up the history and loving it!

If you guys haven’t seen the HBO series John Adams yet, I highly recommend it. It’s very well done, and takes you on a fantastic journey of another great president.

I hope you guys had a great Presidents Day, and hopefully time off to enjoy it!

One Response to “Happy Presidents Day!”

  1. LB Says:

    I LOVED this mini-series! It was beautifully filmed. The acting was captivating. Best of all, I really felt like I better understood this time period in American History.