These Boots are Made for Walking…

There’s a long list of  things that scream “British”, and the Hunter wellies are ranked high on that list. They’ve famously been worn by: soldiers, farmers, royalty, and supermodels. They truly are the boot for anyone and everyone.

Naturally, my sistas and I were each given a pair a Christmas or two ago from our mum. Helen’s are black, mine are navy blue, and Emily’s are hunter green. Usually retailing at over $100, two of the three pairs were found at a discount store for $25…can I hear a whoot  whoot?!

Hels Bells, we missed you this weekend…we need a pic with all three of us sporting these beauties!

I’m not kidding when I say these boots make me feel like Superwoman; as soon as I slip into these babies I feel invincible; hell or high water can’t get in my way!

  1. Hunter wellies have been high on my wish list. I just can’t decide the color… Hmmm……

  2. Hello girls, its been awhile – we must have been very busy, keep up the good work,

    Mum and dad x

  3. You girls are gorgeous!!!!! I ordered and returned three pairs because they came so “dusty”! I need a lesson in them from a Brit! Even the girl at Nordies didn’t have an answer for me! Waiting for the fall to try again!

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  5. hi, where would such a discount store be? I really need a pair and obviously can’t afford one on my student budget.

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  7. Betsy,

    They probably weren’t “dusty”. Hunter boots “bloom” periodically because of the high quality rubber they are made of. You just need to wipe it down with some Armor-All and the shine comes back. hope that my wellies!