Valentine’s Decor

Every time I see this cute heart on my desk, I get so excited for Valentine’s Day!  I decided to leave up my Christmas garland and just tweak it a little for Valentine’s.  I removed stockings as well as all the gold and white decorations and added lots of red baubles, ribbon and hearts that I found for 50% off or more.  I find it so hard to decorate with red!  Maybe because I have so much white and black in my house that it just can’t handle the boldness of red?!  Does anyone else have this problem?  How do you decorate for Valentine’s?  I need some help!



Sarah and I have some fun ideas coming up to make this day a little extra special, fun and thrifty.  Stay tuned :)

*click HEREHERE, HERE, and HERE, to see our 2012 Valentine’s decoration projects*

2 Responses to “Valentine’s Decor”

  1. Brittany @ The Aubergine Notebook Says:

    i really like red with black and white actually. it seems to add drama. :) if you don’t really love it though, then pink always looks nice!

  2. Sisters6 Says:

    LOVE the Update on your garland……pink and red with black and white is stunning! You are SOOOOOOOOOO talented