Vaseline: a beauty product for any budget

There are few products that can live up to being reliable, versatile and cheap. Vaseline just celebrated it’s 140th birthday a couple of months ago, ensuring it’s legacy as an american classic.

Across the pond it is sold in little tins which are a perfect fit for any purse, but regardless on how it’s packaged it does wonders for chapped lips, and rough dry skin. I’ve also heard of it preventing stretch marks, used as makeup remover and eye lash thickener. Do you have a vaseline beauty secret?

2 Responses to “Vaseline: a beauty product for any budget”

  1. Annette Says:

    Love the blog girlies! So glad you joined forces

  2. LB Says:

    My grandma was lovely. When I grew up, I asked her what her beauty secret was to keeping such soft skin. Her beauty secret was vaseline. She would cover her hands in vaseline and then put on cotton gloves before going to bed. I do not remember if she did this once a week or once a month. Regardless, it really worked!