Irish products

A few things from Ireland that we absolutely love:

#1 The Claddagh Ring

Lots of people on our Irish side of the family wear the famous Claddagh ring.  The ring’s design signifies hands of friendship cradling a heart of love, topped with a crown of loyalty.  This lovely ring is a pre-facebook way to display your relationship status as follows:

Wear on the right hand with the heart facing outward meaning you’re “single”, heart facing inward to indicate you’re “in a relationship”.  Wear the ring on your left hand, heart facing out to say  “I’m engaged!”, heart facing inward to say “I’m off the market, and the deal is sealed”.

I am a very lucky girl to have a gorgeous wedding ring, but for work and days full of latex gloves I reach for my Claddagh.  I love that my ring is from Ireland, what this ring signifies, and how it reminds me of the hubs.  Thanks Sanders for the lovely ring, thanks Mum for picking it for us.

#2 Orla Kiely

need we say more?

#3 Irish wool blankets

I loved watching THIS cute video about irish wool.  And I love these blankets from John Hanly even more.  Check out their free shipping.

2 Responses to “Irish products”

  1. LB Says:

    I love these Irish products! I’m I Dubliner’s descendant so I love all things Irish!!

  2. terri Says:

    Have you heard the song called the ‘old claddagh ring’ It’s a boy who sings about his grandmothers ring that he inherited, sang of course in true usual Irish style with just a ‘penny whistle’ for accompaniment, and a tinge of sentimental sadness………