Monday Deal: Clinique Bonus at Dillards

We are headed over to Dillard’s today to pick up this lovely spring bonus gift (a $60 value), free with any purchase of $21.50 or more.  We have both been using Clinique since we were ten and twelve and although we try to be as thrifty and frugal as possible, there are some products we simply can’t live without.  Planning our purchases around bonus time always helps us get the most bang for our buck.  Gifts often include mascara, a lip item and handy, travel-size skin care; I haven’t bought mascara or eye cream in years!

Bonus time @ Dillards:  Now through March 26th

Bonus times come around twice a year at anywhere that sells Clinique, so we recommend stocking up on just one or two items per bonus to maximize each store’s event.  For example, today I am going to purchase Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion at $23, then next bonus time I’ll stock up on another essential.

3 Responses to “Monday Deal: Clinique Bonus at Dillards”

  1. Katie Says:

    Ah, bonus time, not such good value over here. You get the Bonus Time gift when you buy any two products, one of which has to be skincare so you usually end up spending £35+. I still do it though! :-)

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