Spring Cleaning: My Desktop

Just when I started to feel the motivating buds of spring cleaning, winter lazy days reappeared. I had grand intentions of a major overhaul this week, but it’s so hard to clean when I’m cold. Instead I found myself with lots of hot chocolate, and good company.

However, last night I was able to motivate myself just enough to clean off my ridiculously cluttered desktop. I like to keep all my files right at surface level on my computer, therefore everything I create or need is placed into one of four desktop folders: Business, Personal, Inspiration, and Other. Obviously, there are lots of sub files in each of these, but simplifying my desktop to four major categories helps keep the clutter at bay.

I’m no expert in typography, but I thought I’d be fun to create a little something for my wallpaper, you’re welcome to download it HERE.

For now, my desktop was a good start at my spring cleaning; where have you been craving a clean?

One Response to “Spring Cleaning: My Desktop”

  1. Ash Says:

    Oh Gosh, I like it.
    It’s balanced and warm.

    May I ask where the RSS button is? :D

    I want to subscribe!