To Le Creuset or not to Le Creuset, that is the question…

Everybody in my family owns the one and only Le Creuset dutch oven.  We cook absolutely everything in it.  We swear by it.  It is one of those lifetime purchases you have to get, so bite the bullet and make the investment when the beauty comes on sale.  When I got married I didn’t know what to do with myself without one.  Luckily, Brad’s mom gave me a smaller dutch oven that has worked perfectly when cooking for just the two of us (thanks Maureen!).  However, when I am cooking for a crowd, I have decided I definitely need a bigger one.  I have been looking now for two years for a major sale, and while I have seen good deals on selected colors or Le Creuset 7 piece sets, I am looking for the one 13 qt pot…in white please :)  So the options are presented before me:  convince the hubby and myself of the lifetime investment, or… try a cheaper, hopefully just as good version (I know family, please don’t disown me!).

I have my eye on this one from Martha Stewart’s line at Macy’s.  With one-day sales and extra coupons I think I could get it for a fraction of the cost of a Le Creuset.

Has anybody tried a Martha one or another non le-creuset brand that you love?  Or do I really just need to bite the bullet someday?

4 Responses to “To Le Creuset or not to Le Creuset, that is the question…”

  1. Sara Says:

    I haven’t tried Martha’s dutch oven but I do own a lot of her other products & I have been sorely disappointed in most of them. Unless you get it for a steal I would probably not bother. Did you know that they have Le Creuset outlets?! They are still pretty pricey but better than full price, that’s for sure!

  2. LB Says:

    When it comes to something you will enjoy for countless years, I’d bite the bullet and get the Le Creuset. Sometimes the old adage “you get what you pay for” is right.

  3. Katie Says:

    Haven’t tried the Martha Stewart one, but my tip – I bought a heart shaped Le Creuset dish just after Valentine’s for a fraction of the cost of a round or oval-shaped one. Just as big as the round one but much cheaper! I love it, and they last forever!

  4. lol Says:

    BITE THE BULLET!!!!!! or get someone visiting america to keep looking in tk maxx, we always have le creuset there. DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS EMILY!!!!