Favorite Cleaning Products

I’ve always been a sucker for packaging, therefore all three of these adorable items have made there way into my life. I’m happy to report that they not only look good but smell delicious and clean fantastic:

NO.1 Method sprays are wonderful, I love their modern look and mean cleaning power, I always feel all the germies have been killed after a couple of sprays of this.

This week at Target select items from the antibacterial range are on sale from $2.99 to $2.50, in addition print off a 50 cents off coupon HERE, to make them $2.00 whoot whoot!! But wait it gets better, I’ve seen in some stores they have peely stickers ON some of the items for an additional 75 cents off making them $1.25…holler!

No.2 J.R Watkins Naturals, These products make me feel like I’m washing my dishes in Anthropologie, the smell is sensational and make my dishes sparkly new.

At Target this item is priced at $3.99, again keep your eye out on because I’ve seen $1 off peely coupons ON the items, making them $2.99 with out an additional sale.

No.3 Mrs. Myres, these products bring be back to a simpler time…that I don’t remember! They take inspiration from the garden, and leave my home spotless and chemical free.

This week at Target you get a $5 gift card when you purchase 4 items. Once again, I’ve seen $1 off coupons ON the products, or you can print a $1 off coupon HERE. With the coupon and in store sale your paying just under $2.00 per item that is usually $3.99…yippee!!!

It’s sad I get so excited about these deals + cleaning right?

Anyhow, go take advantage of some of these deals to fall in love with these products yourself.


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