One-a-penny, two-a-penny, hot cross buns!

I love the smell of hot cross buns fresh from the oven, and the taste is even better especially with a healthy dose of melting butter. Yum! Today being Good Friday it was only appropriate to whip up a batch, and enjoy them with a hot drink.

Did you know that old English folklore is that these yummy buns can help the heal sick? With just one bite they can help a person recover. Another folklore is that they ensure good friendship the coming year when shared with a friend…these little buns sure are filled with lots of interesting history.

This recipe was from a Williams – Sonoma book, which was quite lengthy…but delicious.

The recipe found HERE seems easier, especially for a first attempt.

5 Responses to “One-a-penny, two-a-penny, hot cross buns!”

  1. LB Says:

    Ooooohhhh…. they look absolutely delicious!!

  2. Marisa Says:

    I’ve always wanted to try making hot cross buns! These look delicious!

    Have a great Easter weekend!

  3. Helen Says:

    Happy Easter you two! I love my hot cross buns toasted with lots of kerigold butter. Soooo bad but soooo good ;)

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  5. Sarah Says:

    madden, thanks for your lovely comment and feedback, good to know our site is loading slow…we’ll look into it. Also, you can subscribe by putting in your email on the left of our page and scrolling down, don’t know if that may be helpful! Thanks again!