Sprinkles Gluten-Free Cupcakes

While in California, Sarah requested a stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes in Newport Beach.  I happily obliged, and was enjoying the decor and overall chicness of the place while Sarah put in her order for a luscious, gluten loaded cupcake.

Sar happened to ask if they had any gluten-free cupcakes when picking up her order, and surprised me with a red velvet and cream cheese frosting gluten-free cupcake!!  I was over the moon that Sprinkles offered a gluten-free cupcake and even more thrilled to discover that it was absolutely delicious!

gluten free red velvet...yum

Sarah ordered a vanilla milk chocolate cupcake

These cupcakes are seriously scrumptious!

Sprinkles is dedicated to charitable giving and being as earth friendly as possible.

cancer research cupcake

earth day cupcake

With these great causes, and a majorly delicious gluten-free cupcake, it is going to make it very hard to resist this place.

Thanks Sarah and Sprinkles for my yummy treat!

One Response to “Sprinkles Gluten-Free Cupcakes”

  1. LB Says:

    I am so glad that cupcakes have made such an impressive comeback. As my kids grew up, I confess that I left this perfectly proportioned cake behind. Over the past few years, savvy cooks have reinvented the cupcake to be deliciously chic. How brilliant to create gluten-free cupcakes! Wow, I’m sold!!