Rite Aid Deal: Neutrogena Sunscreen

Remember this post about Neutrogena sunscreen?  This week at Rite Aid there is an awesome deal on this sunscreen.

weekly circular excerpt

I spy my sunscreen!

Here’s how I got an amazing deal:

I signed up for up for the Wellness program in store to be able to receive +UP Rewards (store credit).  They gave me a little card that you can put on your keyring, which they scan before purchases.

I bought two 100+ spf sunscreens on sale for $9.99 (usually around $15) and also a small Lubriderm lotion at $1.99 to get over the $20 requirement of this deal.  I received a $10 +UP Rewards on the bottom of my receipt.

I then used my $10 +UP Rewards to buy items that I needed on my normal grocery store shopping list.

I bought milk, soap and paper towels and made sure that I didn’t spend more on these items than I would at the grocery store.

When I subtracted the $10 +UP Rewards of regular grocery store items from my total bill the sunscreen ended up to be under $5 each!!!  AMAZING!!!

This deal ends Saturday, so hurry!

The only downside to this deal is that +UP Rewards have an expiration date, usually about two weeks out.  I try to spend my rewards in the same visit so I don’t forget about them.  You can learn more about +UP Rewards here.

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