Best Summer Ever!

Today I was browsing thru the June issue of Good Housekeeping and noticed a very pretty and article “30 ways to make this your best summer ever”. Typically, I’m not a summer kinda gal…I know, people tell me I’m strange. I’m simply a lover of cooler seasons, and will always prefer boots over flip flops.

Anyhow, this article has left me inspired to fully embrace this season upon us, after all it really won’t be here long.

(Photo of Jackie by Benno Graziani spotted HERE)

Here are my favorite 5 from the list:

No.1 Take your phone call outside, preferably barefoot, standing in a thick carpet of grass.

No.2Teach your kids about the joy of gardening with a no-fail, proven winner: mint. Then add sprigs to pitchers of ice water, or lemonade.

No.3 Have a winning go-to look. Whatever works for you “for Jackie (Kennedy) it was all about white jeans, Jack Rodgers sandals, and a collarbone revealing T-shirt. She wore that look all the time, whether she was in Newport or in New York City.” – Pamela Keogh.

No.4 The 10-minute, $10 personal trainer: a jump rope. If you have to go to work on Monday and have caught a case of the Sunday-night blues, try this 60- second mood lifter, Jump rope for exactly one minute while singing a favorite children’s rhyme!

No.5Life is too short: get your hair wet when you swim!

4 Responses to “Best Summer Ever!”

  1. JOHN Says:

    Inspiring – where’s that copy of Terri’s Good Housekeeping to see the other ideas.

  2. terri Says:

    I have already used idea # 1 and extended it to making calls in the early morning on the patio outside my bedroom, enjoying the coolness and freshness that only morning can offer.

  3. LB Says:

    Great “can do” ideas for summer! :)

  4. Sarah Says:

    Jonny Boy, I think it’s on the lounge ottoman, it’s the one with Michael J Fox on the front.