Cupcake Liner + Coffee Filter Wreath Dressed Up!

Since the 4th of July is vast approaching I thought it was about time to put some decorations up in our home (it’s only fair since I decked out our guestroom for the royal wedding!)

I don’t care if I’m British, I love the 4th of July. Any excuse for a summer bbq, fireworks, and a holler to America and I’m in!

Do you guys remember the cupcake liner + coffee filter wreath I made last year? Today I thought I’d dress it up a little for the 4th; red, white and blue were way too bold for my neutral living room, so I kept it more shabby chicby just adding a banner I simply typed then printed, a couple of dollies and some scrap ribbon.

If you’re interested in making this basic cupcake/coffee filter wreath you can view my instructions HERE, but be warned my hybrid accent is ridiculously cringeful!

2 Responses to “Cupcake Liner + Coffee Filter Wreath Dressed Up!”

  1. LB Says:

    I loved this wreath when I first saw it. I like how versatile it is with this new embellishment! Very clever!

  2. Helen Says:

    Finally I can make one now! Also thought it would be fun in pink for The girls room. Although where would I find pink coffee filters?