Design Dilemma: Above the Couch Wall Space

Our very first Design Dilemma comes from one of our great friends Emili, who just moved into a new home. They plan on living in this house for three years while her husband attends dental school. Although she already made a great start to her house (loving the paint colour), she had a question as to what to do above her coach.

Take a look at what she’s up to so far:

Suggestions we think would work great:

Option no.1: Frames in Rows, the thing that is a great about this option, is that it can really add visual hight or width to a space that’s lacking. In Emi’s situation it can help unify a tricky wall, as the stair railing is cutting into this otherwise blank wall.

(Image, opps…forgotten source)

Option no.2: Picture Shelves, these are great for versatility…if you’re the type of person who can’t commit these are a great alternative as you can switch out any of the frames and even add accessories.

(image via IKEA)

Option no.3: Large Print, this is a simple yet striking solution to any big space.

(Image via ELLE DECOR)

Final Decision:

We think option no.1 is the best. It’d look perfect in Emi’s space and really help balance out the wall. Here’s what it would look like.



Which way do you guys like it best?

There are some great frames at Target, that hold a 8×10 print; unfortunately I can’t find them online, but in stores they are around $5 and have a certificate in them. Any prints or snapshots would work as long as the colours are the same, or they’re all black and white.

Command picture hanging strips have been a life saver while living in my apartment.  They take away all the anxiety of hanging things on the wall, especially when you want to hang a whole gallery of frames like this.  You can try the look without having to put holes in the wall and change it around as often as you like.  Come moving time, you just pull them off without having to putty and paint.   The best place I have found these is at Michael’s.  They have a large selection and I use the 40% weekly coupon to make the strips more affordable.

We’re also thinking option no.3 (a large print) would work perfectly above the desk, to help bring the different height of the bookshelf’s together.

Emi thanks for asking us to do this, we hope you like your options, please keep us posted on what you decide.

5 Responses to “Design Dilemma: Above the Couch Wall Space”

  1. Emili Gardner Says:

    I love it! Thanks for the help!

  2. LB Says:

    I like the horizontal design. Also, I’ve never used the command picture hanging strips. Does it work for large frames too?

  3. Emily Says:

    yep they works great on large frames, you just have to add more strips for extra support!

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