Manic Monday

Em slept over in my British Invasion guest room last night, we were hoping to get an early start on some projects we’re excited about,but things didn’t quite work…

Dressed in our grubbies we headed outside to sand down an old desk Em found over a year ago at a local thrift shop; after an hour  we were exhausted by the heat and had itchy eyes from all the dust, isn’t sanding the worst?! We decided to take a time out on the grass with an ice pop, when suddenly we heard what seemed to be an army of bees. Looking upward we saw a BLACK CLOUD OF BUZZING and quickly fled inside the house faster than we could even scream….That kinda put a dampener on the sanding because we were a little afraid to use the power sander again incase we couldn’t hear the approach of an imminent attack.

After that trauma we deserved a healthy lunch at In and Out, along with a large diet coke! On the way home we noticed some houses recently up for sale; I’m dying for Em to buy a house in my neighborhood so we thought we’d skip calling a realtor and have a look-see in the windows. Fantasizing how’d we’d redecorate and use the space apparently can soak up a lot of time, and soon it was now mid afternoon…and we’re exhausted from doing nothing.

Highlight of the day, is that the hubs came home with THIS new little camera for moi. It’s actually a replacement because he wreaked the original go-carting a month or so ago, and I’ve been having a hard time living without it. It’s just a little Cannon point and shoot but it’s a little beauty and a great to have it my purse at all times. (Btw it’s on sale thru June 30th at Costco, now $120 down from $140).

So there, we are we’re calling it an end to our “trying-to-be-productive day”, and saying hello to this fun evening. We’ll be using our BOGO coupons at Pei Wei, and taking advantage of family night at the dollar flicks (75 cents each…holler!).

Just wanted to leave you with a little cutie of a deal:

THIS radio is on sale at Target today only for $39.99 (with free shipping) down from $69.95, perhaps a good papa’s day gift?

3 Responses to “Manic Monday”

  1. Bri Says:

    Sounds like a perfect “unproductive” day! Please Em move by Sar!!!!! :)

  2. LB Says:

    What a great day!

  3. bron @ baby space Says:

    That is such a cute radio! Would totally snap one up if it were in my neck of the woods.