Trying to De-Clutter

Brad and I are rapidly outgrowing our 2 bed apartment, it kind of  feels like the walls are coming in on us.  As I was going through some magazine ‘clippings’ the other day I came across this great article from Family Circle Feb 2011.  I thought it was so great and inspiring that I had to share!

scans courtesy of my assistant:  brad sanders

After reading this I am committed to minimize the clutter around us, and live comfortably in our small apartment.  I will let you know how it’s going…..

Do you have any tips in staying clutter-free?

One Response to “Trying to De-Clutter”

  1. LB Says:

    I like these tips. My holiday closet is bursting at the seams. It’s time for a good clear out.

    Papers always seem bothersome–especially if I am researching for a project. I love using white binders and clear sheet protectors to organize my research. This is particularly helpful if it is ongoing or I need to take it “on-the-go.” I have used this system for family history, school curriculum, project R&D, and favorite tear sheets. For less frequented files, I use a standard color coded filing system.

    I also like using multiple e-mails–personal, career, volunteer work, etc. I started dividing my accounts a few years ago. I love it!