Design Dilemma: NYC Kitchen

A friend and loyal reader of ours asked us to solve a design dilemma for her daughter Brittany. Britt moved to NYC a couple of months ago, and while she’s been busy planning and decorating the rest of her apartment, she was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with the kitchen. Having a budget of $100 we came up with this design board.

By adding just a few accessories you can really help spruce up a dull room, and as this is may just a temporary apartment for Britt, we wanted to make sure we were suggesting things that would work in most kitchen spaces, and easily transportable.


No. 1 Lantern: These lanterns have been our fave for years, they make a huge impact and cost only $5 from IKEA. Adding light, always adds warmth.

No.2 Art: We wanted part of the apartment to show off NYC, and what better way than subway stops.

No.3 Plants: Bringing living things into any space adds life, and air. We suggested easy herbs like Rosemary; that look good, smell lovely and spice up any dish. The plant pots are also from IKEA $2.99 each.

No.4 Clocks: We adore the look of clocks, and the more the merrier. We suggested 3 in a row, with time zones of family members in different cities. These are from Target, and cost $3.99 each. (Also seen in our post HERE)

No.5 Jars: These came to mind immediately when I saw Britt’s kitchen, as the counters + drawers are white, while the rest of the cabinets are wood. Not only are they functional but look great too. Currently on clearance at IKEA for $3.99 each

No.6 Baskets: Britts kitchen also has a few open shelves were she keeps food items. All the different packaging of food items can make the place look messy and disorganized, by simply hiding them in baskets you’ve done an instant clean! Baskets $6.99-$12.99 at IKEA.

No. 7 Tea Towels: These are a great way to add a burst of colour and pattern. These are from Dwell at Target, and can only be found in some locations or online $12.99.

No. 8 Photo Frames: As always these are a vessel to add any personal touch. We suggested framing some favorite family recipes or some recent snapshots of the city.

We had so much fun with this project, and hope we successfully helped Britt’s new home feel like home!

Britt, we’d love to see before and after shots if you have time to snap some. x

2 Responses to “Design Dilemma: NYC Kitchen”

  1. Brittany @ The Aubergine Notebook Says:

    Definitely! You ladies did a wonderful job and I have been implementing your ideas. :) When the results are complete, you’ll be the first to know. ;)

  2. LB Says:

    I love your design! Great job!