The Past Week

All I have been doing the past week:

Working-As a Brit I always get the honor of working all of the “American” holidays.

Family Time- Our sis, Helen and fam as well as Brad’s parents are all in town.

Pool Time-It’s finally reached that time when you want to be at the pool 24/7!!!

Yea, for summer!  It has been a pretty perfect week (except for my poor hubby studying his brains out for the the bar!).

Here is the extent of my 4th of July decor, Sarah totally put me to shame!  Oh, and those are the cut-offs I mentioned….still living in them as the air conditioner is STILL not working!

Hope you are all enjoying the summer, doing the things you love!!!!

One Response to “The Past Week”

  1. LB Says:

    Sometimes you just have to give yourself some good pool time! Cheers to summer fun!