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Deal Alert: Bargain Movies + Free Breaky

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Just a couple of sweet deals to share today:

First up, M&M movie promotion. On select single packets of M&M’s there’s a “win movie tickets promotion”, after you’ve consumed the goods you’ll find a code inside just enter it HERE to see if you’re a winner. We’ve purchased about six packs, and five of those were winners and awarded a us $3 in movie credit per pack.

Yesterday, we cash our movie cash in and saw a matinee of The Help. It’s a must see and a must read, and we loved it. Of course paying only $2.50 helped our enjoyment!

We’ve found that deal to be great, but if you’re wanting a confirmed deal on your movie ticket it may be best to go with their other promotion; buy 2 packs of M&M’s (larger bags) and Orville Redenbacher popcorn to get Entertainment Cash for free movie tickets or DVD Savings. Go HERE to get your Printable Rebate form and more info.


Our second deal today you may of already heard of , a FREE breakfast entree at Chick fil A. I think you already know this is our favorite fast foodie place, it’s great.

There’s still plenty of reservation spots left so head on over to HERE to claim yours.


World Market Chair Sale

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

white french bistro side chair $59

Glamorous Lydia linen chair $129

Also fantastic in this yellow floral fabric.  Check out that nailhead trim!

Kensington Cane Bench $119.

Super cute for an entry.

These prices are so crazy, these items are sure to sell out soon in store.  All of them are available online but then you have to pay for shipping.  Let me know if you want me to pick up any for you, my World Market is only 10 minutes away.

Holler Dollar: Geometric Wooden Puzzles

Monday, August 29th, 2011

A couple of days a go I spied these puzzles at our local Dollar Tree (see HERE). Not only are this little gems so fun and addictive to play with, but they are really fun to look at, and can be incorporated nicely into decor.

Capree noticed that West Elm has larger version of them for $16 (see HERE).

In the future I’m looking forward to creating a library/game room; where we can snuggle up by the fire with a good book or a night of games. Think: leather, tweed, dark woods, and vintage glass.

I’ll be incorporating these puzzles in there somewhere, but for now they’ll hang out on a pile of books, or perhaps stacked in a glass vase.

Martha Stewart Photo Wall

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Everyday I see something on a website or blog that I’m dying over, and immediately want to adopt it into my home. I’m sure you’re the same, and have files of ideas and inspiration of projects we’ll get around to one day.

Here’s one of my favorite walls in my home, so I thought it’d be fun to show the inspiration behind it.

Martha’s Photo Wall:

My Photo Wall:

I love how it turned out, and even like my version a little better!

The 2 inch line between the rows of frames, adds unity even with all different sizes. Printing all the images black and white also adds consistency, and bridges generations.

Have you been inspired lately? Better yet, have to made a project your own? We’d love to see:

email us at: mail [at] boxwoodclippings [dot] com

Dove Beauty Bar

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

I have always loved Dove‘s body wash.  I like that the hubs and I can both use it instead of having separate “manly” and “girly” products. But mostly I love it because the post shower head-to-toe lotion isn’t needed, as Dove gives all the moisture my skin needs (even in this desert!)

Since it tends to be a little pricer than most body washes, Dove has always been more of a luxury buy and only purchased with major couponing; but not too long ago I found a swell deal at Rite Aid on Dove bar soap and decided to give it a whirl…now I’m totally converted to the bar, as it gives all the benefits I previously enjoyed in the body wash for way less mula.

I paid less than $1 per bar and it lasted over a month!  I am so excited that my “luxury Dove” is a total money saver.

I could be a Dove commericial…”I’m never going back to regular soap” :)

West Elm Pillow Sale

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Paying shipping really urkes me, I mean what’s the point in finding a great deal if you have to pay twice as much as the item to get it for you?

At the moment West Elm has over 150 pillows and curtains that ship FREE to your door, best yet some of those are on sale. Take a look:

Alpaca Textured Pillow Cover $12.99-$16.99 (down from $29-$39)

Harbour Rope Pillow Covers $14.99 (down from $29)

Pleats Pillow Cover in Navy $24.99 (down from $39)

My talented sister-in-law is in the process of making me a few new pillow covers for fall (dying to see), but I couldn’t help fall in love with the texture of the first two for this upcoming season. They add a little ‘chunky cozy’ making any couch more inviting for the snuggling season!

Please remember when purchasing clearance items to pay special attention to return policies, for many are no returns. Happy Shopping!

Back to School for the Pre-K’s

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

This time of year the little pre-kindergarten kids feel a little left out that they don’t get to go to school like their older siblings. After a crazy summer, the little kids for sure are lonesome once school starts up again. With crazy deals right now, you can help the little ones in your life feel special during the back to school transition time.

OficeMax is having an incredible deal this week where one-subject notebooks are $.01. ONE CENT people!

Crayola 24ct crayons are $.15, 12 pack pencils are $.05!!!

For $.21 you can get your little dude his own little school set of a notebook, crayons and pencils. Little kids seriously LOVE having their own notebook. They love having “school time” where they can whip out their notebook and complete an assignment you give them. (Leaf prints from the back yard are a huge hit, practicing writing their names, drawing super heroes, anything in their new and personal notebook!).

Another idea is to buy a notebook for each child you have and designate it as a journal for keeping record of your child’s accomplishments and personality during the school year.  A good project that your child will love later on in life and for when you catch a minute and realize you don’t have a handful of kids running around the house!

These supplies are also perfect to stock up on for when you have visitors with kiddies. Sarah keeps a separate notebook and crayon set for all of out nephews and nieces at her house. The kids love coming to stay and taking their notebooks to church, coloring and writing letters and stories. They love having their own art supplies at Aunt Sarah’s house (boo, she is the best aunt!)

Go getcha self some $.1 notebooks already!

I love back to school sales, and love that I’m not going back to school even more!

Updating a Room with an Inexpensive Zig Zag/Chevron Rug

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

A bold, dramatic rug is one on the quickest ways to instantly update a room.  Chevron rugs are all the rage right now, just look at  how much of an impact they’ve add to these spaces:

unknown source
house & home

Up until now chevron rugs have only been found at pricey places such as Jonathon Adler, but last week I found them at Urban Outfitters!

5′ x 7′ Zig Zag rug for $74!!!

All three colors are so fantastic!  Also, Urban Outiftters has a flat rates shipping fee of only $10, and free shipping on orders over $150.  Hmm, I think I could think of a couple of rooms that need ‘updating’… :)

Bronzer and Self-Tan Secrets

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Wearing 100+ sunscreen everyday is so fantastic!  I have totally converted for life, I never want a chemical peel ever again!  Sarah calls my condition “Tanorexia,” my wanting to be tan and feeling slightly depressed when I’m not.  Basically, I have changed my worship over from the sun to these fab products…

Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess for $30.  I use this product year round, applying a little more in the summer months for an extra glow.

My good friend introduced me to this fantastic self-tanner.  They come as individual towelettes and has been the only tanner that’s left me streak and orange free.  The color usually lasts about a week, and doesn’t rub off onto your clothes!  Look out for them at department stores.  I found them on clearance at Dillards and stocked up.

Lastly, for an extra sparkle on date night I love a blush with a shine like this shimmer brick from Bobbi Brown.  I have seen lots of imitations of this at grocery stores that I have tried and have loved the results.  Look out for seasonal shimmers at the grocery store now, like Sonia Kashuk’s line at Target.

These are my best secrets for a faux tan thus far, do you have any to share?

$10 Bathroom Makeover

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Summer makes me want to lighten things around the house.  I want minimal decor in the hot, stuffy months.  Away with the throw blankets and gold ornate frames and in with sleek simple lines.  My minuscule bathroom is always the easiest to transform.

Three items and $10 is all I needed to transform the space from THIS to this:

1.  Shower Curtain – $3 on clearance at Target.

2.  Rug – $4 at Ikea.

3.  Hand towel – $2.50 at Ikea.

Brad is loving the fact that we finally have some color in the house!  I am happy with the change for the summer months.  It’s fun to change things up!  Do you change your decor for the seasons?

Smartie-Pants Fashion

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

A couple of days ago my allergies were driving me crazy, so I took out my contacts and wore my glasses the WHOLE day.

It’s been years (like 15) since I’ve done that, and all of a sudden I was feeling rather smart, and considering alternative careers such as a Liberian or a school teacher.

If I were either or those, I’d dress like this:

All these looks are from jcrew, did you already guess that?

Fitted shirts, pencil skirts, cardies and blazers equal heaven.

I hate the word classy, but I’m using it anyhow because this look totally has it all for me, and I’m beyond in love with this blazer below.

I’ve decided I’m adopting this look for fall, but sticking to my own path!

Pottery Barn: Dorm Rooms

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Have you guys seen the new dorm room line at PBteen? It’s delightful, and a dream for any teen entering adulthood.

These are my favorite rooms:

And favorite products:

Felt Pillows link HERE. Decal headboard HERE. Truck HERE. Locker Bins HERE.

Don’t you just LOVE the trunk? Very subtle Hogwarts!

Some of these products aren’t actually priced that bad, plus many have free shipping right now.


Neutrals are always a must when decorating, but especially in a situation when you might be sharing a room with a stranger. If both parties have a neutral base, it’d be a ‘nice- getting-to-know-you’ project to pick out a “pop” colour together and then shop for accessories.

Looking at these pics kinda makes me want college experience all over again…oh wait, I remember all that homework…ya nevermind!

Composition Book Makeover

Monday, August 15th, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a little project my SIL made: turning composition books into journals.

Composition books are cheap any time of year, but right now you can find them for as low as 20 cents each, and with a simple makeover you have yourself a pretty notebook in no time.


Composition Book. Mod Podge. Paint Brush. Ribbon. Decorative Paper. Bone Folder. Spray Bottle with water. Scissors. 15 Minutes!


No.1 Lightly spritz paper with water, use a spray bottle or fingers if you don’t have one. This will help relax the paper.

No. 2 Use paint brush to brush Mod Podge all over the blank side of the decorative paper.

No. 3 Place on book, and use a bone folder to help smooth out bubbles.

No. 4 Trim paper to about 1″ bigger than book, then turn page over.

No.5 Cut slits at the corners (to help fold).

No. 6 Then glue the 1″ of access paper, and fold down.

No.7 Cut ribon to desired lenght, and paste 2″ of it on inside of cover.

No.8 Cut paper for inside of cover to desired size. (1/4″ smaller than cover is good). Glue, and paste in over the 2″ of ribbon (use bone folder to smooth).

No.9 Place something heavy over whole book (I used a jar of sugar) and leave for a couple of hours.

I hope I explained this well enough…sometimes it’s tricky to put actions into words!

Recipe Organization

Friday, August 12th, 2011

I’m not doing a whole lot in the kitchen department right now.  Our AC is broken, AGAIN!!!  Paninis, salads, and lots of watermelon are dominating our summer menu and I can’t wait to get cooking and baking again when it cools down.  I have been looking through my collection of recipes that I have stuffed into a binder for fall inspiration and it is screaming to be organized!

How should I organize this chaos? In this digital era, the easiest way would be to create a folder on my desktop and scan in magazine recipes, but I am longing to be old school.  Look at what I found today…

I know, right?!  Isn’t it insanely cute.  Found at the lovely Sugar Paper, it sure costs a pretty penny,and doesn’t have a place for pictures, so isn’t ideal.

How have you found best to organize your recipes?  I would be super grateful for any suggestions!

Holler Dollar: Favorite Treats

Thursday, August 11th, 2011



Lately we’ve been doing a lot of projects, and we reward ourselves with a large pepsi (Em) or coke (me) when we need a little rejuvenation. Unfortunately we’re kinda addicted and partake daily, so we’re happy there’s such great deals out there to feed the habit!


Maverik gas stations have their large fountain drinks marked down to a $1 from $1.29 all summer long; while their other sizes are still regular price…so be careful not to pay more for less. My location here in Lehi also does a punch card, 10 punches equals a freebie, averaging drinks to about 90 cents each…holler!


McDonalds has also been having $1 any size drinks for a while now. These have been especially nice on road trips, when everything else at pit stops are pricey.



Chocolate in general is heaven, but we do have favorite brands. One of which is Ritter Sport, 100% delicious, made in Germany, but available in most grocery stores here in the States.

Usually these bars are priced at around $2, but I noticed at my local Target (American Fork) select flavors have been price cut down to only $1, so I stocked up.

Flavors on sale: Strawberry Yogurt, Neapolitan Wafer, Dark Chocolate, Marzipan, Whole Almonds, and best of all Alpine Milk Chocolate. Keep your eyes pealed and let me know if your Target has the same prices.

Side Story: The other day at was at my brothers house playing with my 5 year old nephew, when I said “holler”, then he said “dollar”. I laughed so hard. Do you think I may be over-saying this phrase?!

$3 Couponing Kit

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

With school supplies at there lowest prices of the year, it’s the best time to think outside of school and see how you can use these supplies for daily tasks. This couponing kit was quickly put together with just a few items found at Target.

$1 Seven-pocket file: absolutely essential for coupon organization,  and small enough to fit in our purses. Our 7 pockets are labeled by broad categories so every coupon has a place such as, “Food”, “Toiletries”, and “Housekeeping.”

$1 Mini scissors: no matter how many times we try tearing a coupon off with a straight line does not happen; making these little scissors a must  while shopping.  Cashiers always prefer a nicely trimmed coupon over a jagged over-sized one that wont fit into their register properly, anything to keep the cashiers happy will make your couponing experience a lot nicer…we promise!

$1 Calculator: Save yourself a headache trying to figure out percentages and sales tax, (especially when shopping with children), and bring a mini calculator.

Our favorite couponing blog is Collin, the author posts several times a day ensuring you get the best deals around. Our favorite place to print coupons is +

With all these printing you’ll need lots of paper and this is the time of year to stock up. Often you can find deals at office supply stores (we love Staples), making this paper as low as FREE after rebate. Check ads and Hip2save often.

Even if you just commit to useing coupons on one item such as cereal, you’re wallet will see the difference. Let us know how you go on.

Happy Couponing!

Cheap Designer Sunglasses

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

I cannot live without a good pair of sunglasses.  Most importantly they protect my eyes from the sun, but I must say they are very handy at hiding my scary hangover-looking eyes from the world on my early morning runs.  They are for sure my number one accessory.

Here are our fun finds for sunglasses this season.  In our opinion the bigger frame the better right now, lots of tortoise, anything 70’s inspired, and of course we need a heck of a deal.

This glamorous pair is from Walmart.  Was $28, now $12.  They are so 70’s!

This pair is available at Old Navy.  $9.50.  Love the tortoise frame.

Nordstrom Rack has an awesome selection of designer wear.  They have a shelves full of Marc Jacob, Armani, Juicy Couture and Betsy Johnson shades all for around $20.  These shades all come with a case to keep them in tip top condition.  I’ve had my last pair since 2006 thanks to the case in my purse keeping them safe.

Have you guys seen any awesome deals on shades lately?


Monday, August 8th, 2011

This summer we have no vacations planned, (too many classes + work for the hubs). I thought I was being creative when I planned a little holiday at home, but apparently I’m not the first with the idea of vacationing without going anywhere. This idea became popular with this whole economic crisis thing!

My suggestions for a great Staycation are:

No. 1 Change up your bedroom before hand. De-clutter night stands, and any other surface, then give your bed a mini makeover. As you can see I got a bit carried away with this by hanging a flat sheet from our four poster;but a different set of sheets or new pillows will really mix up the look and feel. I even took down a couple of our photos and added a little art piece I enjoyed making to make it feel less personal like a hotel room (it’s not very often that that’s a good thing!).

No. 2: Don’t set you alarm, and don’t feel guilty for sleeping in or getting up…do whatever YOU FEEL LIKE!

No.3: Go out to breakfast. This ONLY happens when we are on vacation, as the Mr wakes up famished daily, so this one really helped us get more in a vay-cay mood, especially when we go somewhere new.

No.4: Visit a museum or theme park. Pretend your seeing your area for the first time, what are the main attractions visitors like to go to? Chances are you haven’t been in quite a while, if at all.

No.5: Resist the urge to check your email, and answer your phone. You should probably mention this to your regular callers before hand, so they don’t think it’s strange!

No matter if you staycation is a day or a week, it can be equally rejuvenating. So go a head and treat yourself to a guilt free vay-cay!

For more suggestions see HERE.

Confessions of a swimsuit-aholic

Friday, August 5th, 2011

I have to admit I’m a bit of a swimsuit-aholic.  Ok, maybe not just a bit.  I am ALWAYS on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit.   A flattering, comfy and affordable suit is pretty hard to come by.

This year I am diggin’ the super feminine, 1940’s style suits.  I love a modest swimsuit with Ruching and ruffles, oh so glamorous!  Swim clearance is beginning, and thus the perfect time to buy!  Here are a few of my finds…

The Bathing Beauty Maillot is a beauty indeed.  Originally $278 and now $39.95 at anthropologie.  I am so bummed that is now only available in size 10 (dress size 6).  So, if you are a size 6…

a) I am very jealous
b) Buy this swimsuit!!!

The one-piece shirred bandeau control swimsuit from Newport News has just been reduced from $79 to $44.  I have tried their shapefx swimsuits before and have been happy with them.  I am eyeing this one in black and will be watching out for additional sale days that they often have.

I think this Bandini top from Dillards, is SO cute and fun.  On sale for $39.

Lastly, the DYNY draped bandeau swimdress is beyond gorgeous.  I fell in love the day I saw it in the Nordie’s spring look book, but definitely did not fall in love with the price tag.  It is finally on sale for $61.90, but is only available in black and size 10.

It is available HERE at Garnett Hill in all sizes for $84.00, and you can also find a variety of sizes and prices on ebay.  This swimsuit has great reviews, and recommends to order one size up from your regular size.  I think it might be a keeper, ladies.

Sarah – I have now found you a plethera of swimsuits that are calling your name!

Happy swimsuit shopping everyone!!!

UPDATE: Sarah just bought this one from Lands End for only $14.97 (was $89.50). She used free shipping code: SUNSHINE + pin 7280, now that’s a great deal!


Thursday, August 4th, 2011

I heart lanterns.  Inside, outside, rain or shine, lanterns can be used for any event.  Perfect to add light to pathways and stairs, to create a cozy tabletop or simply to accessorize, you can’t go wrong with a lantern.  Today I spied these lanterns at Shopko…

The largest 18″ lantern was $39.99 and now is only $11.99!  The 14″ $8.99 and the 9″ $6.99.  They are very similar to the Avignon square lanterns at Restoration Hardware.

If you need/want lanterns head on over to Shopko, I’m sure they won’t last long!