$10 Bathroom Makeover

Summer makes me want to lighten things around the house.  I want minimal decor in the hot, stuffy months.  Away with the throw blankets and gold ornate frames and in with sleek simple lines.  My minuscule bathroom is always the easiest to transform.

Three items and $10 is all I needed to transform the space from THIS to this:

1.  Shower Curtain – $3 on clearance at Target.

2.  Rug – $4 at Ikea.

3.  Hand towel – $2.50 at Ikea.

Brad is loving the fact that we finally have some color in the house!  I am happy with the change for the summer months.  It’s fun to change things up!  Do you change your decor for the seasons?

4 Responses to “$10 Bathroom Makeover”

  1. LB Says:

    I used to use a white duvet for the summer months and take it off to reveal the quilt fabric in the winter. However, I never thought about doing the same for my bathroom decor. It’s a great idea to change the decor in the bathroom!

    BTW, these Target finds look perfect!

  2. LB Says:

    Sorry about the poor grammar… it’s early!

  3. Sabrina Says:

    That is so cute. I never change up my rooms. I’m so un creative. This might just be what I need to do in what is gonna be my boys bathroom!

  4. Emi Says:

    Love it! I love changing things up for the season. :)