Back to School for the Pre-K’s

This time of year the little pre-kindergarten kids feel a little left out that they don’t get to go to school like their older siblings. After a crazy summer, the little kids for sure are lonesome once school starts up again. With crazy deals right now, you can help the little ones in your life feel special during the back to school transition time.

OficeMax is having an incredible deal this week where one-subject notebooks are $.01. ONE CENT people!

Crayola 24ct crayons are $.15, 12 pack pencils are $.05!!!

For $.21 you can get your little dude his own little school set of a notebook, crayons and pencils. Little kids seriously LOVE having their own notebook. They love having “school time” where they can whip out their notebook and complete an assignment you give them. (Leaf prints from the back yard are a huge hit, practicing writing their names, drawing super heroes, anything in their new and personal notebook!).

Another idea is to buy a notebook for each child you have and designate it as a journal for keeping record of your child’s accomplishments and personality during the school year.  A good project that your child will love later on in life and for when you catch a minute and realize you don’t have a handful of kids running around the house!

These supplies are also perfect to stock up on for when you have visitors with kiddies. Sarah keeps a separate notebook and crayon set for all of out nephews and nieces at her house. The kids love coming to stay and taking their notebooks to church, coloring and writing letters and stories. They love having their own art supplies at Aunt Sarah’s house (boo, she is the best aunt!)

Go getcha self some $.1 notebooks already!

I love back to school sales, and love that I’m not going back to school even more!

2 Responses to “Back to School for the Pre-K’s”

  1. LB Says:

    Incredible deals! Thanks for the tip!!

  2. john Says:

    I have to stock up!