Dove Beauty Bar

I have always loved Dove‘s body wash.  I like that the hubs and I can both use it instead of having separate “manly” and “girly” products. But mostly I love it because the post shower head-to-toe lotion isn’t needed, as Dove gives all the moisture my skin needs (even in this desert!)

Since it tends to be a little pricer than most body washes, Dove has always been more of a luxury buy and only purchased with major couponing; but not too long ago I found a swell deal at Rite Aid on Dove bar soap and decided to give it a whirl…now I’m totally converted to the bar, as it gives all the benefits I previously enjoyed in the body wash for way less mula.

I paid less than $1 per bar and it lasted over a month!  I am so excited that my “luxury Dove” is a total money saver.

I could be a Dove commericial…”I’m never going back to regular soap” :)

One Response to “Dove Beauty Bar”

  1. LB Says:

    I’m sold! Great commercial… :)