Holler Dollar: Favorite Treats



Lately we’ve been doing a lot of projects, and we reward ourselves with a large pepsi (Em) or coke (me) when we need a little rejuvenation. Unfortunately we’re kinda addicted and partake daily, so we’re happy there’s such great deals out there to feed the habit!


Maverik gas stations have their large fountain drinks marked down to a $1 from $1.29 all summer long; while their other sizes are still regular price…so be careful not to pay more for less. My location here in Lehi also does a punch card, 10 punches equals a freebie, averaging drinks to about 90 cents each…holler!


McDonalds has also been having $1 any size drinks for a while now. These have been especially nice on road trips, when everything else at pit stops are pricey.



Chocolate in general is heaven, but we do have favorite brands. One of which is Ritter Sport, 100% delicious, made in Germany, but available in most grocery stores here in the States.

Usually these bars are priced at around $2, but I noticed at my local Target (American Fork) select flavors have been price cut down to only $1, so I stocked up.

Flavors on sale: Strawberry Yogurt, Neapolitan Wafer, Dark Chocolate, Marzipan, Whole Almonds, and best of all Alpine Milk Chocolate. Keep your eyes pealed and let me know if your Target has the same prices.

Side Story: The other day at was at my brothers house playing with my 5 year old nephew, when I said “holler”, then he said “dollar”. I laughed so hard. Do you think I may be over-saying this phrase?!

2 Responses to “Holler Dollar: Favorite Treats”

  1. LB Says:

    No! Absolutely not! What a great lesson… affordable style and gracious living without breaking the bank! Totally cool!

    I love that you can find European delights in our local stores. Ritter sport bars are yummy! I’ve also found cookies similar to Jaffa cakes. On occasion, I even can find HobNobs! They’re my favorite!

    …Ah, what happened to my “no sugar” goal? Oh, well. Perhaps moderation is more realistic!

  2. Brittany @ The Aubergine Notebook Says:

    haha, holler is your phase for sure. i say go with it. :) oh, diet coke, my vice of choice….