Smartie-Pants Fashion

A couple of days ago my allergies were driving me crazy, so I took out my contacts and wore my glasses the WHOLE day.

It’s been years (like 15) since I’ve done that, and all of a sudden I was feeling rather smart, and considering alternative careers such as a Liberian or a school teacher.

If I were either or those, I’d dress like this:

All these looks are from jcrew, did you already guess that?

Fitted shirts, pencil skirts, cardies and blazers equal heaven.

I hate the word classy, but I’m using it anyhow because this look totally has it all for me, and I’m beyond in love with this blazer below.

I’ve decided I’m adopting this look for fall, but sticking to my own path!

One Response to “Smartie-Pants Fashion”

  1. LB Says:

    I need to go shopping at JCrew! :)