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Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Wishing all you witches the spookiest of nights!

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Living only a mile away from Nordstrom Rack means that I am there at least a few times a month.  I usually try to make it round the whole store keeping an eye out for clearance tags.  Yesterday, I discovered a goal mine people!  The Rack is currently switching over seasons, resulting in major clearance in the shoe department.  Almost all sandals are ridiculously cheap, I found a pair for $2.99!!!  I saw lots of red tags throughout the women, men and kids shoe departments.  Of course clearance items are limited and inventory is varied by store, but I would highly recommend getting your booty over to the Rack and getting some sandals for next year.  Maybe a little premature, but a well worth ‘few-dollar-holler’ investment.

To Plate, or Not to Plate, that is the Question

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

For years now I’ve been debating hanging plates in our dinning area. I keep going back and fourth on the matter for a couple of reasons, like: will the plates just look random, too unorganized, or too ‘crafty’ for my taste? Will the plates fall down and cause damage? The pros are: the plates are pretty, and I love adding character to my home.

Below is picture I based my kitchen off, which was designed like the one in Somethings Gotta Give (one of my favorite movies), read more about it HERE.

As you can see they have a few plates hanging over the door. But I was thinking of doing more of a collage of plates above my molding, do you think there’s enough room?

I like this example, and the plates I have collected thus far are similar, I just wouldn’t do as many.

Can you please help me make my up my mind? I’m sick of debating this every time I see a pretty plate!

Travelzoo Deals

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Do you guys know about Travelzoo?  I have been using this site for years to compare prices from all different airlines and travel sites such as Orbitz and Expedia, to make sure I am getting the best deal around on flights and vacations.  You can subscribe to their weekly email features the ‘Top 20′ best internet travel deals of the week, and now a new feature has been added for local deals.  Last month I found this deal, and thought it was too good to pass up:

We bought the deal and last weekend Brad and I headed up to Park City celebrate my birthday.  The Stein Eriksen Lodge did not disappoint!  I think we loved it most because we were nestled up in the autumn mountains and the lodge was so quiet before the snow and ski rush!

A few highlights from our stay:  Running around the grounds trying to find the hot tub in our robes and slippers (yes we know we are dorks), enjoying dusk at the outdoor pool and hot tub (no one else was there!), our own private deck with incredible mountain views, a private workout at the gym (which had it’s own tv for each machine, soaked washcloths, lemon water, protein bars and fruit for post-workout recovery) and of course a long soak in the biggest bathtub EVER, reading a good mag.  It’s the little things, right?!  Brad’s highlights:  High definition tv and cable at the foot of the bed, waking up to a crisp New York Times at the door.

Make sure to subscribe to Travelzoo to sign up for your local deals, I’m glad we didn’t miss out on this one.  Thanks Brad for a great birthday that I’ll never forget x

A Cadbury Christmas at World Market + FREE MOVIE TICKET

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Last week Christmas arrived at World Market. Still embracing the Fall, I didn’t want to look, but temptation got the better of me and I was not disappointed. The decorations and gift wrap selection is adorable and worthy of a post later on; but what I was most excited for was the Holiday Food selection, in particular classics from the Motherland.

In our house Christmas is not Christmas without Cadbury, and I’m so excited to have them so readily available here in the states.

Chocolate fingers are delicate little cookies, perfect for dipping in a hot drink. Roses, is a selection of individual Cadbury Chocolates, great for a get together. The Cadbury Advent Calender, is a delicious way to start your day, and Cadbury Hot Chocolate is simply the best.

An important note regarding Cadbury is that IT’S  NOT ALL CREATED EQUAL. The Cadbury products made in the USA, Canada or even Australia is NOT the same as the original product from the UK. Always check packaging, because there’s a big difference on the taste…and trust me when I say the stuff made in the UK is the stuff you want!

Also, there’s a couple of promotions going on right now at World Market, so I hope you’ve all become a “World Market Explorer“. There’s a $10 off $30 coupon, AND a free movie ticket with $10 purchase now thru the 28th, see details HERE. I just LOVE getting free movie tickets, I feel like a winner when we enjoy a free night out:)

A Fally Weekend

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Are you guys enjoying the Autumn? I sure am! Last Saturday I had a blissful day in the kitchen with Em, preparing a dinner with friends. We made: Tomato and Butternut Squash soup, the yummiest bread (see recipe HERE), corn bread, fruit and feta salad, gluten free chocolate cupcakes and mini apple pies.

If felt like a Thanksgiving preview with two people in the kitchen, listening to music, sipping diet coke and feeling cozy with the warmth from the oven. I especially enjoyed making the mini apple pies, I found these pastry cutters on sale last February at Williams Sonoma on sale for $1.99 (see similar products HERE) and have been waiting for an occasion to give the a whirl.

The apples shrunk deeper in the dish than I expected, but apart from that they turned out great.


Yesterday, we went over to Mum’s for dinner. Since the weather was nice, we decided it’d be great time for a photo shoot with gorgeous leaves. My Nephews cooperated nicely and we got their family portrait, while we snapped some candids of the rest of us, here’s me and mum.

A perfect, fally weekend. I hope you guys all had fun too. x

Naked Smoothies at Starbucks

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Traveling is one of my favorite things ever, but I really hate layovers, and really really hate airport food. Brown iceburg lettuce isn’t my idea of a healthy salad, and at sky high prices, it can be both aggravating and disappointing trying to grab a bite between flights.


A couple of years ago Em introduced me to one of her little secrets, we’ve mentioned this trick to you all before (see HERE), but after our most recent trip, we feel the need to tell you all again. Are you ready?

Go to Starbucks, and buy a Naked Juice out of their refrigerator. Simply ask for them to blend it up with ice, and add a dollop of cream (optional). This is big enough to share, so we usually have it spilt into two cups.

We love the Blue Machine flavor, it really is the perfect snack while traveling, you get that burst of flavor with the feel good of the fruit, all for around $4 (that’s only $2 each if you’re splitting!)



Look how happy Emi looks with her yummy treat! Now we want to hear what you think, promise us next time you travel you’ll try this, we pinky swear you won’t be disappointed:)


Halloween Traditions

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

In England, Halloween is not as widely celebrated as it is here in the States, but as a child I never noticed as it’s always a special day for our family as it’s Gran’s birthday, and she’s always been one to know how to throw a party.

All the children would dress up as festive characters, (I was always either a cat or a witch), and we’d go out into the cold, dark night over to Gran’s house. Every year she decorates with pumpkins, turnips, and paper wall hangings, but my favorite decorations were black paper foot steps that were strategically placed around the main floor of the house.

Dinner was a child’s dream: a buffet filled with a variety of deli meats, cheeses, crisps, and countless desserts.

We were then set free to play with our cousins, and then later called back to play the yearly round of bobbing for apples. Instead of bobbling in water, they’d be hanging from a stick, and with hands behind our backs we’d race to see who could catch theirs first.

Then with tired eyes and full bellies, we’d head home with sweet memories, and treat bags.


These parties still take place in one form or another, and there’s a new generation enjoying the magic my Granny brings to the season. It didn’t hit me until recently, that although it was Gran’s birthday it was her who was hosting a party for all of us to enjoy, especially the kiddies.

In that same spirit we decided a throw a spare of the moment party one Sunday evening while we were out in Cali with our sisters kids.

It didn’t take much as we simply found costumes, dimded the lights, played a game, had a mini dance party, and bobbed for apples. It was a great way to spend a quite evening, and hopefully we created some memories that will stick!

Old Navy 75% Off Fall Styles

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Sarah visited Old Navy this week and I am sure glad she did!  There are CRAZY sales going on right now.  Up to 75% off new fall styles.  Sarah and I stocked up on some fall essentials (just in time for my birthday!), these are a few of our faves:

Sheer ruffle front top, now only $9!  Available in cream and navy, we got both!

Hi-rise retro flare jeans $10 (we like the dark wash, and yes we’re gonna rock this flare, hehe!)

collared breezy blouse $7

tie-neck breezy blouse $9

cropped wool-blend peacoat $36

These savings are in-store only.  Other deals we found were men’s flannel pj bottoms for $4, baby boy polo t-shirts for $2.50, flip flops for $.99, the list goes on and on.  For additional savings, we received a 10% off next purchase coupon if you fill out an online survey.  It honestly is ridiculous, you have to go see it for yourself!

Classic Duffle Coats

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

When I was little I wanted to be sent to school wearing a hot pink total 80’s plastic anorack jacket.  Instead, my mother insisted I was to be bundled up in 100% wool duffle coat, oh and let’s not forget my two sisters and I were matching.  The coats were such good quality and so indestructible that they even got handed down to the little brothers.  Now, as winter approaches I am getting ready to face the cold and nothing sounds more appealing than a gorgeous duffle coat :)  Check out these beauties:

Adare Anorak $248.00 Anthropologie

Wool duffle coat $299 Lands’ End

Navy duffle jacket $104- Next.  Now offering free shipping, available also in Petites and Tall.

Bound seam duffle $178 – Topshop.  The twill texture on this coat looks incredible.

Classic duffle jacket $93!!! from Next. Free shipping right now, also available in Petites and Tall.

Toggle button jacket $32.80 Forever 21. Great price to get the look.

I guess they say “Like mother, like daughter”, thanks mummy for always keeping me warm xxx

Affordable Autumn Wreaths

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Look what you can pick up at the grocery store these days:

Feather and berry wreath $45 ~Walmart

Magnolia leaf and pine cone wreath $45 ~ Walmart

Star anise wreath $39.99 ~ Target

Maple leaf wreath $24.99 ~ Target

I knew there was a good reason to go grocery shopping after all :)

Clearance Target Bracelets

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Remember these bracelets that I am totally obsessed with?!

My lovely sister, Helen suprised me with them for my b-day, and they are finally 50% off!

Now I can stack ’em up just like this:

Thanks Helen, I am in love with them!!!

Head over to your local Target to see what they have left, (great idea for Christmas presents).

Halloween Decorations: Part 2

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Our sista Helen has the most amazing house. One of the things we love most about it is the two fireplaces on the main level.

While we were there we thought it’d be fun to dress one up for Halloween. Helen had already purchased plastic rats, and a paper silhouette from the Dollar Tree, and had the electrical candle up all year long. We simply added a couple of things we found around the house: books, black tulle, and a “spooky” sign; then we purchased some fake web to finish the look.

I just love projects that turn out so effective, especially when they’re not planned or thought out and we just go for it!

Inviting Fall Porches

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

One of my favorite things about fall is pretty porches.  Hay bales, corn stalks, leaf garlands, pretty wreaths and pumpkins galore, I love it all.  This year I am particularly loving the mix of florals with these traditional fall elements.  It seems like a natural transition from summer and adds even more texture and dimension to create an inviting space.  I particularly like chrysanthemums aka “mums” whose  vibrant fall colors make a gorgeous monochromatic palate when paired with pumpkins.

images via pinterest

Aren’t those urns awesome?  I really have to work on creating a nicer entrance, the exterior of our apartment building is yucks.  How have you guys decorated your porch for fall?  Pleas send us some images at: mail[at]boxwoodclippings[dot]com.

Target Tuesday: Merona Riding Boots

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to find the perfect riding boot for Autumn. I’ve fallen in love with several pairs but all run in the $200 plus range, so I told myself I’d wait till the good sales in January and enjoy them for winter.

However today I noticed on Target’s weekly ad that they have THIS pair on sale this week from $39 to only & $30, and tried them on and was impressed at how high the boot came to my knee, and how comfy they were; and although they’re not leather, I can’t really ask for better at that price tag…even if they just tide me over till January.

PS. Remember our love for Hunter Boots? (see post HERE). Well,  recently I’ve seen several pairs at Nordstrom Rack for down from $125 to $50…HOLLER!

10 Things To Do This Fall

Monday, October 10th, 2011

First off, sorry for the lack of a post on Friday, we’re both out here in Northern Cali looking after our other sisters kiddoes, while she gets to enjoy New York for a few days. We’re enjoying playing mum, and had a day off from the little bloggy here.

While we’ve been gone, we’re happy to hear Fall weather had officially hit Utah, and we’ve been thinking about little things we want to do this season. Here’s our list:

No.1 Make caramel apples

No.2 Take a hike, to enjoy Autumn leaves

No. 3 Dress up for Halloween

No.4 Go to a Football game

No.5 Make Shortbread

No. 6 Enjoy Lunch outside, on a warmer day

No. 7 Take family portraits

No. 8 Make a leaf-ey pie crust

No. 9 Bob for apples

No.10 Try new ways to style hair

What will you guys be getting up to? Trying, or going anywhere new? Whatever you’re up to, we hope you enjoy this season as much as we’re hoping to.

Halloween Decorations: Part 1

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

This year I haven’t gotten around to putting up any Halloween decorations yet, other than my two wreaths that is. I’m not planning on going all out, just doing a couple of simple displays in one or two places, using my tight vases.

This is how I decorated last year, just in my downstairs bath:

Do you decorate for Halloween?

We love to see if you do. Send us Pics at mail [at] boxwoodclippings [dot] com.

Clearance Jute Rugs at Shopko

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Occasionally I do the rounds at Shopko to see if there are any crazy deals.  Today I found these! They are such good quality, are the perfect size for in front of the sink or by the door, and will add a little splash of color to any room.  I think they are going to make great Christmas presents and at $3.99 reduced from $39.99 in store I couldn’t ask for a better deal.

Be warned:  all the colors look so great in person you may leave the store with one of each :)

Target Tuesday: Smith + Hawkin Wreaths

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

The Smith + Hawkin isle is always fun to stroll down on your Target visit.

I’m especially loving their fall collection this year, THIS wreath is simple and festive and priced cut to $32.00.

They also have a couple of Black arrangements, that are perfect for Halloween.

Be sure to check them out next time you’re out and about!

Halloween Buckets

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Although the weather isn’t showing it, it is fall.

Determined to get into the spirit of the season, yesterday we put together a couple of Halloween buckets for a few of our nephews; and as you may guess, they were well received.


Little unexpected treats like this makes being an aunty so much fun. But with more than 20 nephews and nieces it can quickly get very pricey.

Last year I shopped the Halloween clearance, and bought most things at 75% off. Then we just added a couple of treats and bingo, we made a whole mini gift basket for under $2 each, well worth it for a toothless smile:)