10 Things To Do This Fall

First off, sorry for the lack of a post on Friday, we’re both out here in Northern Cali looking after our other sisters kiddoes, while she gets to enjoy New York for a few days. We’re enjoying playing mum, and had a day off from the little bloggy here.

While we’ve been gone, we’re happy to hear Fall weather had officially hit Utah, and we’ve been thinking about little things we want to do this season. Here’s our list:

No.1 Make caramel apples

No.2 Take a hike, to enjoy Autumn leaves

No. 3 Dress up for Halloween

No.4 Go to a Football game

No.5 Make Shortbread

No. 6 Enjoy Lunch outside, on a warmer day

No. 7 Take family portraits

No. 8 Make a leaf-ey pie crust

No. 9 Bob for apples

No.10 Try new ways to style hair

What will you guys be getting up to? Trying, or going anywhere new? Whatever you’re up to, we hope you enjoy this season as much as we’re hoping to.

One Response to “10 Things To Do This Fall”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    I’d love to have you take my familys photos in the next month. Will you be available?