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A Fally Weekend

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Are you guys enjoying the Autumn? I sure am! Last Saturday I had a blissful day in the kitchen with Em, preparing a dinner with friends. We made: Tomato and Butternut Squash soup, the yummiest bread (see recipe HERE), corn bread, fruit and feta salad, gluten free chocolate cupcakes and mini apple pies.

If felt like a Thanksgiving preview with two people in the kitchen, listening to music, sipping diet coke and feeling cozy with the warmth from the oven. I especially enjoyed making the mini apple pies, I found these pastry cutters on sale last February at Williams Sonoma on sale for $1.99 (see similar products HERE) and have been waiting for an occasion to give the a whirl.

The apples shrunk deeper in the dish than I expected, but apart from that they turned out great.


Yesterday, we went over to Mum’s for dinner. Since the weather was nice, we decided it’d be great time for a photo shoot with gorgeous leaves. My Nephews cooperated nicely and we got their family portrait, while we snapped some candids of the rest of us, here’s me and mum.

A perfect, fally weekend. I hope you guys all had fun too. x

Naked Smoothies at Starbucks

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Traveling is one of my favorite things ever, but I really hate layovers, and really really hate airport food. Brown iceburg lettuce isn’t my idea of a healthy salad, and at sky high prices, it can be both aggravating and disappointing trying to grab a bite between flights.


A couple of years ago Em introduced me to one of her little secrets, we’ve mentioned this trick to you all before (see HERE), but after our most recent trip, we feel the need to tell you all again. Are you ready?

Go to Starbucks, and buy a Naked Juice out of their refrigerator. Simply ask for them to blend it up with ice, and add a dollop of cream (optional). This is big enough to share, so we usually have it spilt into two cups.

We love the Blue Machine flavor, it really is the perfect snack while traveling, you get that burst of flavor with the feel good of the fruit, all for around $4 (that’s only $2 each if you’re splitting!)



Look how happy Emi looks with her yummy treat! Now we want to hear what you think, promise us next time you travel you’ll try this, we pinky swear you won’t be disappointed:)


Halloween Traditions

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

In England, Halloween is not as widely celebrated as it is here in the States, but as a child I never noticed as it’s always a special day for our family as it’s Gran’s birthday, and she’s always been one to know how to throw a party.

All the children would dress up as festive characters, (I was always either a cat or a witch), and we’d go out into the cold, dark night over to Gran’s house. Every year she decorates with pumpkins, turnips, and paper wall hangings, but my favorite decorations were black paper foot steps that were strategically placed around the main floor of the house.

Dinner was a child’s dream: a buffet filled with a variety of deli meats, cheeses, crisps, and countless desserts.

We were then set free to play with our cousins, and then later called back to play the yearly round of bobbing for apples. Instead of bobbling in water, they’d be hanging from a stick, and with hands behind our backs we’d race to see who could catch theirs first.

Then with tired eyes and full bellies, we’d head home with sweet memories, and treat bags.


These parties still take place in one form or another, and there’s a new generation enjoying the magic my Granny brings to the season. It didn’t hit me until recently, that although it was Gran’s birthday it was her who was hosting a party for all of us to enjoy, especially the kiddies.

In that same spirit we decided a throw a spare of the moment party one Sunday evening while we were out in Cali with our sisters kids.

It didn’t take much as we simply found costumes, dimded the lights, played a game, had a mini dance party, and bobbed for apples. It was a great way to spend a quite evening, and hopefully we created some memories that will stick!

Old Navy 75% Off Fall Styles

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Sarah visited Old Navy this week and I am sure glad she did!  There are CRAZY sales going on right now.  Up to 75% off new fall styles.  Sarah and I stocked up on some fall essentials (just in time for my birthday!), these are a few of our faves:

Sheer ruffle front top, now only $9!  Available in cream and navy, we got both!

Hi-rise retro flare jeans $10 (we like the dark wash, and yes we’re gonna rock this flare, hehe!)

collared breezy blouse $7

tie-neck breezy blouse $9

cropped wool-blend peacoat $36

These savings are in-store only.  Other deals we found were men’s flannel pj bottoms for $4, baby boy polo t-shirts for $2.50, flip flops for $.99, the list goes on and on.  For additional savings, we received a 10% off next purchase coupon if you fill out an online survey.  It honestly is ridiculous, you have to go see it for yourself!

Classic Duffle Coats

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

When I was little I wanted to be sent to school wearing a hot pink total 80’s plastic anorack jacket.  Instead, my mother insisted I was to be bundled up in 100% wool duffle coat, oh and let’s not forget my two sisters and I were matching.  The coats were such good quality and so indestructible that they even got handed down to the little brothers.  Now, as winter approaches I am getting ready to face the cold and nothing sounds more appealing than a gorgeous duffle coat :)  Check out these beauties:

Adare Anorak $248.00 Anthropologie

Wool duffle coat $299 Lands’ End

Navy duffle jacket $104- Next.  Now offering free shipping, available also in Petites and Tall.

Bound seam duffle $178 – Topshop.  The twill texture on this coat looks incredible.

Classic duffle jacket $93!!! from Next. Free shipping right now, also available in Petites and Tall.

Toggle button jacket $32.80 Forever 21. Great price to get the look.

I guess they say “Like mother, like daughter”, thanks mummy for always keeping me warm xxx