Amazon Magazine Sale

This week Amazon has slashed their magazine prices.  Lots of my favorites are crazy prices, the only hitch is that they have an auto-renewal after one year, which you can opt out at any time via their magazine subscription manager.  Our mum loves to send a subscription of her current favorite magazines to us as a little present, we think this is a great gift idea for Christmas (wrap up the current issue with a gift notification card inside).  My favorite deals right now:

House Beautiful $5

My heart skips a beat when I find House Beautiful in my mailbox.  Packed with design from cover to cover, even the advertisements are fun to look at.  Favorite feature: kitchen of the month and bathroom of the month, which are always incredible and inspiring.

Country Living $7

Country Living is hands down my favorite magazine right now.  It makes me dream of a cottage in the country and a more organic lifestyle.  Favorite feature: Making a Country Living, which spotlights a entrepreneur company of something simple and beautiful such as luscious soaps and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Elle Decor $5

Glamorous, chic and contemporary.  There is always something in each Elle Decor to take my breath away!

Veranda $5

This magazine has always seemed a little old school and traditional for my taste, but this cover is screaming to me to look inside and buy a subscription.  Do any of you have a current subscription?  How do feel about it?

Prices are available now through December 3rd.  Thanks Amazon, I am very thankful for your magazine sale :)

One Response to “Amazon Magazine Sale”

  1. john Says:

    Mum tossed over a copy of Country Living last night, I loved seeing the Christmas decorations and what gifted homemakers can do with simple things – I always quickly go to ‘Real Estate Sampler’ where we can see gorgeous homes in different parts of the country – always at affordable prices, featured this month were homes from the 1930’s or so that Sears and Roebuck sent out – very interesting.