Black Friday Prep

Black Friday is a huge shopping day for us, but you won’t see us at the shops at midnight or any earlier than 9 am for that matter. In the past, we’ve found the door busters to be a bust, and would much rather enjoy more sleep and score our deals later on.

Here are our tips for a successful day at the shops:

NO.1 LIST MAKING: It’s absolutely essential that you know what you’re shopping for, that way you won’t over spend on items you don’t want or need just because they’re a good deal. Sites like already post store ads, that way you can browse at home days in advance.

NO. 2 GAME PLAN: Sketch out a schedule of when to hit what shops. Generally, we like to shop our faves first then go from there. Also, we’ve found that the “divide and conquer approach” works great. Meaning separate from your shopping parters, hit different departments and even different stores, that way you’ll cover more ground in less time.

NO.3 BE PREPARED: Eat before you head out, bring water, good shoes, and even pain killers! It can be crazy out there, trust me you don’t want to face the crowds with a headache and a bad attitude :)

Our goal is always to get in and get out without it taking the whole day. In the past I’ve purchased things at Target that I know will be on sale a couple of days in advanced, so I simply have to go in and get my price adjustment and call it good. This post over at Hip2Save has a great overview on different store polices etc.

One more tip: Keep in mind you don’t have to just be buying for Christmas, take this oppertunity to stock up on upcoming birthdays or even Valentines day, (see our post HERE).

We hope you find our suggestions helpful…now go plan!

2 Responses to “Black Friday Prep”

  1. LB Says:

    Great advice from the best shoppers I know! Thanks for the tips!!

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