Holiday Open House at Gatehouse No.1

The other day we were both down in Springville visiting our favorite dentist, when snow started to fall. After our appointment we were unmotivated to continue our day of errands, and called in at mum’s for some hot choc to warm us up. When the snow stopped, and the sky looked more inviting we headed out and decided to stop in at Gatehouse No. 1 in Orem to see if they had any Halloween deals, but instead we found a Christmas wonderland!

As soon as we opened the doors, we were hit with warm air, fresh smell of cinnamon, festive music. Immediately I felt the buzz of the Holidays and the excitement that brings. We had a fun hour picking out a couple of decorations (thanks mum!), sipping hot wassail, and nibbling on sweet tooth fairy cupcakes, and we left feeling warm and giddy:)

This whole week, the Gatehouse is welcoming the season with: discounts, giveaways, and decorating classes, (every day at noon till Saturday, see HERE for more details). If you’re ready for the holiday cheer to warm  you up, I would defiantly stop by. Enjoy!

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