Hot Drinks + Biscuits

Being Britt’s we’re used to drinking hot beverages all year long, but now the weather is much colder it becomes more of a need than a luxury.

Em has been exploring the world of Twinings Tea, and recommend a few faves. I love this Citrus, Cinnamon & Spices flavor, with a couple of Anna’s Orange thins. Both of these brands can be found at most grocery stores, but I’ve noticed the cookies are the cheapest at Ikea.

Pero (Caro in the UK) and Digestive Biscuits are my families all time classic combo. I can’t even imagine how many servings I’ve had in my lifetime, there’s even stories of my mum putting pero in our bottles when we were toddlers! Pero, again can be found in most stores, but the Digestives are harder to find, (we shop at World Market for ours).

All these treats have relatively few calories, so go ahead…make new pals this season!

One Response to “Hot Drinks + Biscuits”

  1. LB Says:

    I love Digestives! I’ve never tried them with Pero. I also think the citrus and spice combo sounds heavenly! I suspect it also makes your kitchen smell wonderful too!