Life As I know It

Did I tell you guys that Brad was sworn in a few weeks ago?  Alas, he is an official attorney, my new nickname for him is “Mr. Esquire”.  It has been one long year…finishing up his JD/MBA, studying and passing the bar, and now trying to find full-time employment.  I am beyond proud of him, he has worked so hard!

Graduation in May

For me, it has been a year of trying to be patient!  I am SO ready to move on from this chapter of our lives.  Work has been particularly stressful the last few weeks and Brad has been so sweet asking me before I leave for the day if there’s anything he can do for me.  Okay, I may have asked him to find a full-time job a few times, but aside from that there’s always something to do around here…

Laundry…check. Costco…check, Christmas shopping…check, fruit salad for baby shower…check, picking up dinner…check, prepping our lesson for church…check.

The man has been amazing.  He’s almost making me want to go get my masters degree and be a career woman…and let Brad stay home with the munchkins.  Don’t get too excited honey, I said ALMOST.

So thanks Bradley for being kind and for helping me enjoy this phase of our lives, and if anyone knows of anyone needing a JD/MBA/Patent Agent please let me know! ;)

7 Responses to “Life As I know It”

  1. john Says:

    Many congratulations you two, you made it. I know a certain someone who is working on your case!

  2. Andrea Jay Says:

    Congrats to you both!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Congrats – you both deserve it!!!

  4. LB Says:

    Congratulations! I’m thrilled for both of you!! Cheers!

  5. Liz Connolly Says:

    HOOOORRRAAAYY I miss you Emily!!!!!!

  6. Bri Says:

    Congrats Brad! On the degree(s) and having a gorgeous wife! Em you look amazing! :)

  7. Anne Says:

    Congratulations to Brad, and to you both. I take it he doesn’t want to practice the same type of law as his brother?
    I enjoy reading your blog, Stevie (Stephanie) told me about it awhile back. You and your sister have great taste!
    Anne Gill (you and I are both SIL to Stevie, LOL)