Target Tuesday: Thank You cards

Today at Target we spied several adorable Thank You cards on sale, and thought what a perfect time of year to send a little note. Sometimes, I think we all tend to get distracted in the fuss and cost of holidays; but a little gratitude note can help both the sender and receiver get in the true spirit of this time of year…don’t you think?

These cards have been our fave for years, Em even used them for her wedding. This week they’re marked down from $12.99 a box to $9.74 making that just under $0.20 each!

Black letterpress text on cream cardstock is hard to beat, but here are a few others that caught my eye:

So simple, so fun!

2 Responses to “Target Tuesday: Thank You cards”

  1. john Says:

    Always nice to both send out and receive thank-you cards, and for 20 cents each – so much fun!

  2. LB Says:

    I agree with John. It’s fun to say “thank you” with style too!