Christmas Decorations: Adding an everyday twist

This year I couldn’t decide what ‘look’ I wanted to go for with my decorations, but I knew I was craving a change. By simply adding a few everyday items to my original pieces, I was able to do just that; and best of all…without spending a cent!

First, the icicle lights:

I thought it’d be fun to add lots of twinkle to our dinning area so I attached them to our molding and added some cupcake liners for variation. They’re so twinkly at night, but make the wall look so warm in the day too.

Next, the pendant lights and kitchen island:

For the lights I added a big white bow, instead of buying ribbon I found some scrap fabric, and ironed it to make it crisp. The pine cones and twigs were from a potpourri mix I got on clearance early this year.

For the island centerpiece, I used my three tier cake stand and simply stacked on the baubles. Then adding fake snow, feathers and a few fake flowers.

Although this was the least creative thing in the room, I’ve been enjoying it the most. I’ve had this garland for years and but I’ve never really known where to put it. This year I discovered it hangs beautifully on my blinds, and I can even clip the string into the blind cover without using anything additional…yippee!

Lastly, the centerpiece on the dinning room table. Like before, I simply dumped all my decorations into a mental tray (usually used for shoes), and added the snow, feathers and flowers.

So there you go, my kitchen and dinning room decorations with an everyday twist. But best of all, they’re so simple, fast and effective.

I hope you likey!

6 Responses to “Christmas Decorations: Adding an everyday twist”

  1. LB Says:

    Yes, I do “likey!” I especially like the use of feathers included with your icy colored Christmas embellishments. You are so smart to have classic pieces like your silver shoe tray and the white tiered stand. They are so versatile especially with such a creative mind as yours! I love your ideas!!

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  3. Brittany @ The Aubergine Notebook Says:

    i love your decorations as usual. always so sophisticated. :)

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