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Target Tuesday: Wooden Chevron Lamp

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Today I want to share my last few Target purchases that I am super excited about.

A few weeks ago I saw these pretty lamps at Pottery Barn:

Price tag: $180..ouch, really people that is a lot for a table lamp base!  They also reminded me of lamps that I saw at Target for $50 that I thought were too expensive to buy.  I started to regret not buying the totally classic wooden lamp base at Target while it was in stock. Boo..don’t you hate that!

Within a few days I was at Target and saw two of the lamps on the end-cap for $25! woot woot!  I am SO happy with these lamps!  I really think I will love them forever.  A total investment is how I pitched it to the hubs ;)

I bought safe, solid white lamp shades and was happy with the look, but then saw this glamorous gold chevron lampshade and my inner Beyonce had to give it a try:

The chevron is very bold, but fun.  What do you think of the combo? I think the classic base can handle a crazy least for now.

Lesson learned: make sure to check those end-caps for deals you thought you missed :)

White Valentine’s Garland

Monday, January 30th, 2012

This year for v-day I am fighting the red and sticking with lovely and simple white, for my decorations.




I picked up these felt heart Christmas decorations from Target for $.10 each during Christmas clearance and simply strung them together with tulle and ribbon. Voila…v-day décor complete.

It is pretty cute, but I am more impressed with the fact that it cost only a dollar!

How are you guys decorating this year? Shoot us a picture if you’d like to share.








Gift Idea: Moleskine Passion Journals

Friday, January 27th, 2012

I was thrilled to find Moleskine Passion Journals the other day!  Oh, I just love a good notebook, especially one that is designated to a specific area of my life and is as organized as this:

“Designed with signature Moleskine style, this collection is a place to record thoughts, memories, observations, and inspirations centered on specific interests… a receptacle for musings on everything delightful…”

How cute of a gift would this baby journal make for an expectant mother…

“The Baby Journal has 6 sections to fill out especially for mom and baby (9 months of sweet expectation, bringing baby home, feeding, care, birthdays, special moments like first words and first steps), 6 sections with tabs you can personalize, colored adhesive labels, a growth chart, pages on feeding, care and health and a space for important numbers to keep handy.”

You have to watch this video to grasp the cuteness of it!

Learn all about the other “passion” series: Book, Cat, Dog, Film, Gardening, Music, Recipe, Style, Travel, Wellness and Wine here.

Wouldn’t these just make a perfect presents? Amazon currently has 25% off MSRP…whoopie!


$1 Make up Remover Wipes

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Don’t you just hate it when you are beyond exhausted and all you want to do is plop into bed, but then you realize..oh, I still have my makeup on?!

Unfortunately, my skin is no longer so forgiving as when I was 17, it needs to be cleaned properly EVERY night. I am also a BIG baby when it comes to bedtime, I have to get ready for bed before I get too tired or I almost have a meltdown. I have learned to invest in makeup remover wipes to pack when we go away, or for the occasional late night at home when all the energy I can muster for my face is a wipe.

Do use face wipes? Do you hate buying them as much as me?! At least $3-$4 at the store on a pure luxury item that is in no way essential. Some things I just hate spending money on, and this is one of them. Good news is that I found them at Rite Aid in the Dollar Days section for $1!!!


Not only are they only $1, but they are the nicest, gentlest wipe I have tried – no stingy, puffy red eyes getting that mascara off. I have totally stocked up, in case they are only a seasonal item.

I have a feeling I may be using them a little more liberally…

Blush Valentine Decorations

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Confession, I only just took down my Christmas Decorations a few days ago. Another confession, I left a couple up!

Don’t get me wrong, I love love love the whole getting back to normal and purging theme January has, it’s nice to not have glitter on my face at any given moment.

Anyhow, the weather is colder than ever, so I thought I’d be all kinds of  Valentines festive and put a few decorations up in the downstairs loo. I’m not usually a pink girl at all, but I’m loving the soft blush and golds, do you?

I even added one of the shag rugs from west elm and the Sensual Black Currant Vanilla Hand soap from Bath + Body works too. It’s oh so cozy in there, and way feminine…just like the holiday I suppose.

ps. Most of everything pictured was sold as Christmas Decor. Dividing and mixing colours can add a whole new look to something…so always shop seasonal clearance with another holiday in mind!