$1 Make up Remover Wipes

Don’t you just hate it when you are beyond exhausted and all you want to do is plop into bed, but then you realize..oh, I still have my makeup on?!

Unfortunately, my skin is no longer so forgiving as when I was 17, it needs to be cleaned properly EVERY night. I am also a BIG baby when it comes to bedtime, I have to get ready for bed before I get too tired or I almost have a meltdown. I have learned to invest in makeup remover wipes to pack when we go away, or for the occasional late night at home when all the energy I can muster for my face is a wipe.

Do use face wipes? Do you hate buying them as much as me?! At least $3-$4 at the store on a pure luxury item that is in no way essential. Some things I just hate spending money on, and this is one of them. Good news is that I found them at Rite Aid in the Dollar Days section for $1!!!


Not only are they only $1, but they are the nicest, gentlest wipe I have tried – no stingy, puffy red eyes getting that mascara off. I have totally stocked up, in case they are only a seasonal item.

I have a feeling I may be using them a little more liberally…

3 Responses to “$1 Make up Remover Wipes”

  1. LB Says:

    I really should use these. I’m horrible about taking my makeup off at night!!

  2. Brittany @ The Aubergine Notebook Says:

    you’re so funny emily, you have amazing skin! i don’t believe this “unforgiving” skin thing at all. :) i love using makeup remover wipes when i travel. it’s so much nicer than worrying about more liquids! i haven’t tried this brand though. i like the neutrogena ones.

  3. Tiara G. Says:

    I agree. Those are amazing when traveling or going for camping as a cleaner of the skin. I would have acne if I wouldn’t do it every night.