2012 Diary/Calendar

Happy New Year! It didn’t dawn on me until Friday that I was in need of a new calendar!  Usually I fall in love with one in June and have to patiently wait until January, this really is a good indicator of how my life has been this year, ha!  I am totally old school when it comes to Diaries and Calendars. You can always find a pocket calendar in my purse full of post-its, lists and scribbled out dates, always guaranteed by the end of the year to be in an ugly state.  So, today is a happy day as the hunt begins…

Of course I had to glance at Smythson, (did anyone notice the famous stationers in the new Sherlock Holmes movie?)

Panama Diary: I would have to be very rich and also end world hunger before purchasing this baby, but a girl can dream)

Of all the pocket calendars I’ve seen and tried this one has been my fave so far:

Moleskine weekly notebook: It has the week on one side of the page and ruled lines on the other, perfect to make a list for the week.  It also has the elastic enclosure so it’s not all loose in my purse.  Only $7.50 at Amazon, but currently out of stock.  I called BYU Bookstore who has it for $10.50 and you can get it engraved with your initials for free! LOVE!

While browsing Amazon, I also saw these:

Moleskin Daily Planner: A new notebook for each month, ADORABLE!

Do any of you still use an old paper pocket calendar? Any recommendations?

2 Responses to “2012 Diary/Calendar”

  1. LB Says:

    Thanks for the planner tip. A friend of mine also showed me her new calendar for 2012. It was a large calendar designed without the typical photo/artwork on the top. Rather, when opened, it was designed solely with days of the month. This large format, she said, was perfect for calendaring and mini-journaling.

    I like the Moleskin planner too. For women on-the-go, it seems very useful but also conveniently portable.

  2. Brittany @ The Aubergine Notebook Says:

    i love smythson journals. they are super chic. moleskins are a fav too. i need to utilize my 5 year diary that i bought last year. :/ let’s just say i haven’t gotten off to a good start but it’s only the 16th…