Gluten Free Products: Udi’s

Usually I don’t buy Gluten Free bread, it’s always so expensive and terribly disappointing; tasting nasty and full of fat. However, while visiting Whole Foods sometime last year, a new brand of Gluten Free bread caught my eye…

The bright and fresh packaging of this bread though made me think twice, and with the loaf on sale I thought I should give it a try…I’m sure glad I did.  Oh how my life has changed!  I finally have a decent bread to call my own!  This bread has a wonderful texture that doesn’t crumble apart, and it looks and tastes like normal bread… delicious.

For years, I was completely bread-free, no sandwiches, toast, bread pudding…now the possibilities are endless, it feels good to feel “normal”. Thank you Udi’s!!!

Are any of you G-free or considering a gluten free lifestyle? If so I would highly recommend Udi’s.  Don’t waste your time trying different brands, Udi’s is the best out there!

Gluten Free products are usually more expensive than the wheat alternative, so make sure to buy when items on sale or when you have a coupon. You can freeze the load you stock up on, all of the Udi’s products I have tried freeze great. It’s hard for me to go through a whole loaf while it is fresh, so it’s perfect to take out a few slices at a time from the freezer. and Whole Foods (coupons also found at the store entrance) often have Udi’s coupons.

Go HERE to sign up for a $1 off any Udi’s GF product and to sign up for emails and make sure to browse Udi’s website to find dozens of GF recipes, where you can buy products, and much, much more.

GF living is now a piece of cake! Hmm, I wonder if they’ll be coming out with cake soon?!



One Response to “Gluten Free Products: Udi’s”

  1. LB Says:

    I need to starting an “anti-inflammatory” diet. Wheat is one of those items listed as inflammatory. This bread is good news. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to double check the other ingredients, but this an exciting possibility that I’d love to try!! :)