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Project Laundry Room/Mudroom

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

We’re happy to share a project today, that we’ve just completed! We had a such a wonderful experience working with client, Jaime, to help make her laundry room more functional.

The laundry room is located directly next to the garage, and needed to be used as a mud room too. Jaime desperately needed a reachable space where the kids could stash their own coats and belongings, (with some kind of order), as they came in from the garage.

The cabinets in the room are fantastically tall, allowing lots of storage, but low visibility. It’s next to impossible to keep a cupboard organized when it’s too high up to see in!

We also wanted to add a space for the kids calendars and chore charts etc, and came up with this design board:

Focusing on the troublesome spots of the room, we came up with these solutions:

Kiddie Storage: It’s official that the Expedit bookcase has done it again.  The lower three baskets of the tower hold the kids ski goggles, hats, and gloves.  The upper two will be used for swim towels and swimwear, and be rotated to the bottom in the warmer months.

We added the bench for extra shoe storage and so the kids could have a place to sit as they take off their shoes/coats etc.

Hooks: Jaime already had THESE beauties from Restoration Hardware. Seriously, they’re so beautiful.  We really needed to maximize hanging space so we decided to hang hooks low enough for the kids to hang up their own coats and then hung high ones above for adults.  We also added a row of sturdy hooks on another wall to house handbags, diaper bags etc.

Cupboards: We used small storage containers to group similar items such as batteries, cleaning supplies and laundry items. These are great to use to avoid small items from getting lost, to keep everything grouped together, and a great space saver. They easily stack up on top of each other.  Hopefully this will be helpful so Jaime can just pull out the whole tub and find what she needs.

Notice board: We made a custom notice board using particleboard, batting, 100% linen and heavy duty bolts. We hung it vertically behind the laundry room door to be at kiddie eye level.

Accessories: We added a rod with galvanized buckets and hooks for added storage for keys, thumbtacks, lint or dryer sheets.  We couldn’t resist a stripy rug, which brought everything together, and complimented Jaime’s fun, funky style.

(We wish we had more pictures of the finished room, but alas we were there till dark and image quality was not in our favor:)

Thanks Jaime for being a dream client and for letting us share! We loved this project!


Magazine Monday: February

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Magazine Monday is a new feature on our blog that we’re excited to share. Basically, it’s a summary of our favorite articles, photographs and tidbits from various magazines that inspire and motivate us. So please join us monthly for the wrap up, and let us know if you’d like to contribute, thanks. x

Sarah’s Finds:

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: Warm Up to Black + White

As you may have guessed interior design articles are almost always our fave. This one I thought, made some great points when it comes to decorating with black and white:

Firstly, it’s so easy…it’s almost fool proof to adopt this pair into your home, you’ll find items in every store and price range.

Secondly, it gives a chic and sophisticated vibe, and can be personalized with prints.

Lastly, to soften the contrast add another neutral like grey. I’d also say, it’s a great backdrop to any ‘pop’ colour of your choice.

(Images by Simon Upton, Amy Vischio and Peter Margonelli.)

Also from this issue; I spotted Burt’s Bee’s new Refreshing Lip Balm…doesn’t this look lovely?

REAL SIMPLE: Slow. Simple. Satisfying.

This article is so deliciously cozy, it just makes me want to snuggle up with a bowl of warm yummines. Slow cooking is something that I’m trying to get more into. I love the ease of knowing what’s for dinner.

Infact, over the last week or two I’ve prepped a couple of meals in one session, frozen, then cooked in my slow cooker …it’s been simple and satisfying just like the article promises :)

(Image by, Marcus Nilsson)

Emily’s Finds:


Again with the black and white, our favorite spread in this edition is this lovely black and white kitchen.  This is a great mix of style; country farmhouse, traditional, and modern.  We love the vintage stove with accompanying simple hood, the beautiful farmhouse sink, and the crisp, steel accent that the dishwasher delivers.

Pulling your favorite items from different styles like this is a sure way to find your own unique taste resulting in a room you will love for years.

COUNTRY LIVING:  Basic + Beautiful

Like usual, this month’s Country Living did not disappoint.  This magazine always screams simplicity and urges us to cut back the impulse to accessorize.

These two images are perfect examples of using neutral palates and minimal accessorizes to create beautiful spaces.  Loving the use of a farmhouse sink in the bathroom!

Lastly, we are dying over all things leather this season and couldn’t help notice THIS custom leather luggage tag in Country Living.  What a great present…

Happy Monday Everyone! -Sarah and Emily

Gluten Free Products: Udi’s

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Usually I don’t buy Gluten Free bread, it’s always so expensive and terribly disappointing; tasting nasty and full of fat. However, while visiting Whole Foods sometime last year, a new brand of Gluten Free bread caught my eye…

The bright and fresh packaging of this bread though made me think twice, and with the loaf on sale I thought I should give it a try…I’m sure glad I did.  Oh how my life has changed!  I finally have a decent bread to call my own!  This bread has a wonderful texture that doesn’t crumble apart, and it looks and tastes like normal bread… delicious.

For years, I was completely bread-free, no sandwiches, toast, bread pudding…now the possibilities are endless, it feels good to feel “normal”. Thank you Udi’s!!!

Are any of you G-free or considering a gluten free lifestyle? If so I would highly recommend Udi’s.  Don’t waste your time trying different brands, Udi’s is the best out there!

Gluten Free products are usually more expensive than the wheat alternative, so make sure to buy when items on sale or when you have a coupon. You can freeze the load you stock up on, all of the Udi’s products I have tried freeze great. It’s hard for me to go through a whole loaf while it is fresh, so it’s perfect to take out a few slices at a time from the freezer. and Whole Foods (coupons also found at the store entrance) often have Udi’s coupons.

Go HERE to sign up for a $1 off any Udi’s GF product and to sign up for emails and make sure to browse Udi’s website to find dozens of GF recipes, where you can buy products, and much, much more.

GF living is now a piece of cake! Hmm, I wonder if they’ll be coming out with cake soon?!



Deal Alert: Crate + Barrel Rug $9.95 with Free Shipping

Thursday, January 19th, 2012


You must know by now I’m a huge fan of the Remy Collect at Crate + Barrel (see post HERE). Well, both Em and I went a bit nuts and stocked up earlier this month with more of these shaggy goods while they were on clearance.

But now the deal just got even better, and good enough to share:

The Remy 2×3 rug is now marked down to $9.95 from $59.95, and here’s the kicker…with FREE SHIPPING.

We both own these, and let me tell ya they really cozy up a cold bathroom; and at this price point + quality you won’t find anything better, we guarantee it :)


Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Usually I only tend to take pictures of my house when it’s picture perfect, and today it’s far from that. However, I couldn’t help notice a few little details that caught my eye, and thought I’d take a second to capture some of the little things that look naturally pretty everyday.

The End.