Target Tuesday: Wooden Chevron Lamp

Today I want to share my last few Target purchases that I am super excited about.

A few weeks ago I saw these pretty lamps at Pottery Barn:

Price tag: $180..ouch, really people that is a lot for a table lamp base!  They also reminded me of lamps that I saw at Target for $50 that I thought were too expensive to buy.  I started to regret not buying the totally classic wooden lamp base at Target while it was in stock. Boo..don’t you hate that!

Within a few days I was at Target and saw two of the lamps on the end-cap for $25! woot woot!  I am SO happy with these lamps!  I really think I will love them forever.  A total investment is how I pitched it to the hubs ;)

I bought safe, solid white lamp shades and was happy with the look, but then saw this glamorous gold chevron lampshade and my inner Beyonce had to give it a try:

The chevron is very bold, but fun.  What do you think of the combo? I think the classic base can handle a crazy least for now.

Lesson learned: make sure to check those end-caps for deals you thought you missed :)

3 Responses to “Target Tuesday: Wooden Chevron Lamp”

  1. LB Says:

    The lamp looks great! Congrats on the great deal too!

  2. Liz Connolly Says:

    Love the lamp!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brittany @ The Aubergine Notebook Says:

    i love chevron!