Deal Alert: Major Sale at Nordstrom Rack

Yesterday we ventured into the Nordstrom Rack in Sugarhouse to see if their advertised sale was any good. The Rack is very hit and miss, so it’s always good to go in there with low expectations, but usually we leave pleasantly surprised.

Lucky for us yesterday was particularly fantastic, as a lot of their stock was indeed marked 75% off  or more. As you can imagine, it was hard to resist not going totally out of control, but we both left with some key items for our closets.

For me, I FINALLY found a quality pair of affordable ridding boots (remember my post HERE). They’re Ecco’s Hobart Boot, so you know they’re extremely comfortable with a Ecco tag! Anyhow, they were reduced from $216 to $83 that’s about 61% off. Still a little more than what I was wanting but honestly people I’ve been looking for over a year and never found a boot of this quality, price and fit, so it was a necessary purchase :) Plus, it made me feel great to see they are still $216 HERE.

I also scored a very cute sweater for $9.90 down from $66 (85% off), there was a TON of sweaters around this price, so great to stock up for next year.

WARNING TO MEN: if there’s any of you still reading, the following paragraph contains feminine information!

My best deal of the day was a bra from my favorite bra company Chantelle, you don’t even want to know what I’ve paid in the past, so let’s just say it felt a bit like Christmas morning scoring one for $10…holler!

(FYI on the bra’s, I’m sure you’ve all seen or heard of Oprah’s Bra Intervention see a video clip HERE, well all I have to say is that Oprah’s right, go to Nordstrom and get fitted, but MY advice is to then wait for a great sale or keep your eye’s out at the Rack, once you’re educated on fit and find a great brand you can find amazeballs deals.)

Lastly, you can find some of these great deals on the Rack Online, but most of the prices are around 60% off.

I spotted this duffel coat Em blogged about HERE, it’s now down from$198 to $79.97. They also have some similar down from $74 to $29 that I’m thinking of trying, see HERE.

As always, remember shipping and returns at Nordstrom is always FREE, this will come in very handy when the Orem store closes in less than a month, boo :(

2 Responses to “Deal Alert: Major Sale at Nordstrom Rack”

  1. LB Says:

    Great deals! Great items! :)

  2. John Says:

    Great looking boot – worth the wait!