Holler Dollar: Hot Chocolate Mugs

At the Dollar Tree yesterday I spotted this Irish Coffee Mug; I love the way hot chocolate looks in these, so festive, and inviting.

I thought they’d make a really cute gift, perhaps in a basket with some gourmet hot chocy, and some yummy cookies. Too cute don’t you think?

5 Responses to “Holler Dollar: Hot Chocolate Mugs”

  1. Emily Yee Says:

    I came across your blog today I was doing an internet search for where to buy Irish Coffee Mugs for a “hot cocoa bar.” Glad to see that I could pick some up at the Dollar Tree (that price works for me!)…I’ll have to make my way over to my local one. Thanks for sharing- I would’ve ended up getting them at World Market or Target for a higher price!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Emily, I’m so excited we were able to help you out. Hopefully you were able to find what you needed at your local store :)

  3. AmberJakobsen Says:

    Hey Sar and Em, I love hot choc in these glasses too and have found a gorgeous little cafe here in Copenhagen where they serve it in these glasses but pour thick chocolate sauce on the inside of the glass! It looks and tastes delicious! xxx

  4. Desiree Says:

    i love your blog, these mugs are so great. gonna have to get some now :)

  5. Brittany @ The Aubergine Notebook Says:

    these are super cute. great find as always!