Magazine Monday: March

First up we have an exciting announcement…

Sarah’s been invited to be a contributor over at Lil Luna! Her first post is today, where she’ll be sharing her painted wallpaper project. Be sure to go check it out HERE.


This month we were both a little disappointed with our magazine reading. What is it with March? However, we did find a few little tidbits to share – hope you enjoy!

Sarah’s Finds:

I was surprised this month when Parents Magazine arrived at my door. I have no idea where it came from, but I enjoyed the read nonetheless. Even though I have no kiddies, I am planning on babysitting my sweet nephews for the next 10 days, so I thought the reading might come in useful anyhow :)

Their “Best Blog Awards 2012” article led me to some fantastic mommy blogs; but my favorite find was written by a daddy, Made By Joel. As an artist and stay-at-home dad, I’m sure he leads a pretty busy life, but still he manages to create some pretty awesome, yet simple crafts with supplies you’ll find already in your home.

Check out this flipping adorable miniature cityscape. It’s adorable. Although he has his printables all ready to share with us, I’m kinda tempted to make a personalized one of our huge family for all the little kidlets. A cute, thrifty gift don’t you think?

Next up is a sweet find from Good Housekeeping. Wooser + Prince’s emery boards found at Parkside Papers, $5 for three. I simply fell in love with the fresh patterns, and thought how lovely it would be to file with these…I’m so ready for spring!

Emily’s Finds:

This month my favorite magazine picks are from House Beautiful. This picturesque courtyard made me smile.  It is simply stunning and makes me dream of having casual dinners with friends and family…outside!

This white hutch is absolute perfection. I am hoping for one someday.

I am beyond obsessed with gold right now…I am pinning like mad gold + gray, gold + black, gold + anything, and now I’m going to be pinning gold + green.

Green with a hint of gold really is so romantic. Lastly my favorite pick from Country Living this month is this bathroom featuring a lovely dressing area.  Heck yes I’ll take a couch and armoire in the bathroom.

Happy magazine Monday everyone, have a lovely day!

2 Responses to “Magazine Monday: March”

  1. LB Says:

    Those emery boards are so cute! I love that even simple items can have great design. Very fun!

  2. Brittany @ The Aubergine Notebook Says:

    i’m really liking gold these days too. which is quite a shock to the system as i’ve been such a silver girl. great examples ladies!