Pink Marshmallow Valentine’s Garland

I know we’ve already posted one Valentine’s Garland this week, but I got a hankering to create this sweet lil’ thing!

Sometimes I spy these little beauties in the baking aisle and think how light and fluffy they look, well this time my craving got the better of me and now they’re hanging in our dinning room!

This project was very simple, and would be great to help keep the kiddies occupied for an hour or so.

I’ve already had another couple of marshmallow crafts spring to mind…I’ll be keeping you posted :)

6 Responses to “Pink Marshmallow Valentine’s Garland”

  1. John Says:

    Sarah,Sarah,I think you know what I was going to say!

  2. Kimberly Says:

    That is so sweet with the soft pink. Great idea!

  3. Kimberly Says:

    Love the soft pink. The final result is so effective.

  4. Bri Says:

    Love it! You are soooo clever! What did you use to string it? Needle and thread?

  5. Sarah Says:

    thanks bri…yup a needle and fish wire, so easy

  6. Cristi @ Charm Home Says:

    This is the cutest idea. I’ve never seen it before. How were you able to get through the project without eating the marshmallows though. I would have eaten them long before they were on the string. -Cristi