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Snyder’s Gluten Free Pretzels

Friday, March 30th, 2012

I’ve known for a while now that Snyder’s of Hanover have been making Gluten Free Pretzels. I’ve had my eye out for them but haven’t seen them around town until a recent trip to the beautiful Whole Foods at Trolley Square. I immediately purchased a bag. I couldn’t wait to give them a try, the bag was ripped open before leaving the store!

These things are amazing. They taste delicious, are low in calories and fat and are a perfect little snack. I don’t know how they did it, but it tastes like I’m eating ‘normal’ food, which makes this gluten-free girl very happy indeed. The only problem now is feeling a little glutinous, it’s hard to stop eating them! I also found them at Sunflower Market last week for $2.50/bag. This is a perfect treat to have in stock for a family that houses both gluten and gluten-free, as the gluten peeps say they are super tasty snack too.

Sign up for Sunflower Market weekly ads HERE .

Martha Stewart Enameled Cast Iron Sale

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

While we were at the amazing City Creek last week we stopped by Macy’s to check out Martha’s new cakestands. Along the way, I saw her newly designed Le Crueset knock-offs and had a good inspection of the workmanship.

I was liking what I was seeing and then remembered last year when posing the question ‘To Le Creuset or not’ you helped me decide to go for the real thing. I decided to wait and buy an extra large Le Creuset when we buy a house and will need bigger pots and pans for entertaining.

Then I got the call…from Sarah, saying a Macy’s 2-day sale is currently on, slashing the prices on Martha’s cast iron. The 6 quart ‘buckwheat’ dutch oven I’ve been eyeing is only $75 today only; comparable Le Creuset: $265 at Williams-Sonoma!

I am torn. At this price how can I refuse to give it a try? Especially with free shipping on a $99 purchase. Can I bring anyone along? Or are you all sticking to your Le Creuset stance?

My Clean Guest Closet

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Since I shop all year round for presents I need a place to keep them. My mother used the deep cupboard above our fridge, but for me my guest room closet seemed a nice reachable destination.

The problem I had though, was whenever I’d get back from a shopping trip I’d dump the bag in there, and after a while it became a closet of plastic bags. Which was fine, if we weren’t having guests or I didn’t need to find anything. But the reality is that we do have guests, and I’m constantly running late to birthday parties!

I’ve dedicated the beginning of this year to getting my house 100% organized. So last week, it was me vs. my guest closet.

I won!

First, I spent the morning going through things I wanted to keep or donate. Then I simply divided everything into six boxes: Ladies, Gents, Kiddies, Bows, Bags and Other.

The fun part was placing everything neatly into my favorite boxes from Ikea (see HERE) and labeling the fronts. Basically, that was that.

$30 later, I’m one happy gal and my guest room is ready for anyone at a moments notice:)

Pottery Barn: New Crib Bedding

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Yesterday I got a Pottery Barn Kids catalog in the mail, and was pleasantly surprised to see they’ve mixed things in the nursery department.

They now offer a great variety of mix and match sheets, bumpers, and crib skirts so you can create your own look, instead of just buying a ‘matchy matchy’ prepackaged set.

The new line is much more clean and modern. It reminds me a lot of West Elms style.

THIS fun new design tool on their website helps you visualize your perfect match. But beware it’s a little addicting. :)

If you’re in the market for baby, be sure to pop over for a little inspiration, and to catch a few introductory discounts.


Holler Dollar: Mini Easter Baskets

Monday, March 26th, 2012

As Easter is less than two weeks away, I thought I’d better get thinking about a little treat to pass out at our family dinner.

I’ve had my eye on these favor boxes for a while, and have just been waiting for a perfect reason to get them. They’re located in the baby section of the Dollar Tree, and come in a pack of 8 for a $1…holler!

They come in four colours: blue, green, yellow and pink. I think they make the adorable mini easter baskets don’t you?

I simply stuffed them with a sheet of tissue paper and topped it off with brown grass also from the Dollar Tree. Then filled them with our favorite Easter Chocolates, Cadbury Mini Eggs. It worked out perfectly that they come in the same coordinating colours. And finished with a ribbon.

Now the only problem is not eating them before Easter gets here:)


Gift Idea: Bath & Body Works’ Room Sprays

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

We have found the cutest little present that ever has existed. Perfect for birthdays, hostess gifts, teacher/co-worker gifts, or ‘just because’, we are so impressed with Bath & Body Works‘ Room Sprays.

Without the hassle and worry of a candle, one spray can instantly freshen a room. At $6 we think the pretty bold design and matching gift bags ($2.50) puts these tropical scents at the top of the list for spring gift-giving:

What do you think? Check out the whole collection HERE. For in-store purchases print THIS coupon for a free signature collection item with any $10 purchase. For online orders make sure to enter PICKED4U at checkout to receive 20% off total purchase.

City Creek Grand Opening

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Today is finally here, the grand opening of the new mall in downtown Salt Lake City, City Creek Center.

This is big news for this little city; with top names like Tiffany’s and Michael Kors we’re finally making it to the big leagues, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

It’ll take us a bit of getting used to some of these new faces, but I’m sure we’ll get into the swing of sales and bargains in no time. In fact, there’s already a mega list of offers HERE especially for the opening.

Even the weather seems to be celebrating…70’s, Holler!!!

Spring is Here

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Spring is officially here! Isn’t it amazing how wonderful the sun feels after the long winter? I’ve been seeing lots of yellow around town getting me all excited for sunny days to come.

Here’s a nice little sampler to add a little sunshine to your every day…

No. 1 Target has amazing scarves right now to spruce up any outfit. I especially like all the bold solid colors like this yellow one and also they have a few amazing floral ones. $15 and under.

No. 2 Colorblock floppy hat by Forever 21. $12.80

No. 3 Yes, I know I already blogged these rings, but I love them in yellow and the price! Forever 21 for only $4.80.

No. 4 My favorite spring scent, pineapple + mango by Bath & Body Works. Two candles for $20 right now! Enter coupon code PICKED4U for a 20% discount off total purchase.

No. 5 My favorite pillow at World Market right now, the stripes are made up from a herringbone design. LOVE! $20.

No. 6 Spring wouldn’t be spring without a little flowery bling… $2.80

No. 7 Don’t mind if I do..wash the dishes with this heavenly, lemon dish soap.

No. 8 This gauzy plaid shirt from Old Navy look so nice and comfy for a warm Spring day. $15.

No. 9 I ‘heart’ spring necklace $3.80.


Black + White Easter Place Cards

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Traditionally, spring is welcomed by lots of soft pastel colours.

However, this year I’ve been loving my flower doodles and decided that my all-time favorite combo of black + white can be festive even in the spring.

Nestled in natural straw it becomes a chic + simple place card that couldn’t be easier to put together.


Are you converted? If so, get out a Sharpie and get your doodle on!

Magazine Monday: April

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing weekend. We are excited to share our favorite finds from our monthly subscriptions.

First up this month is Emily’s favorite article from Country Living on personalized rubber stamps.

I have loved personalized rubber stamps ever since Sarah designed one for her wedding. She included it throughout the event from invitations up through favors at the reception. This article from Country Living had a few really cute ideas for personalizing stationary:

How adorable and useful would this be?!

Every time I write our return address on an envelope I remind myself I need one of these, but adding a cute sketch of your house! Adorable! Ok, probably don’t want a personalized design of our 70’s apartment but maybe one day when we have a symmetrical colonial :)

This next idea is so superbly simple and I love it.  A personalized stamp with just your name. So old school and classy, I just love it.

I think a really bold block script would be a nice modern twist to this traditional idea as well.

I love this circular ‘from the library of’ stamp..have always loved this idea,

Am trying to think of some way to mark our DVD’s like this. They somehow walk out of the door and I never remember where! This article inspired me again to get at least one made, I think I’ll at least get one for our address.

Custom stamps are available lots of places online. The ones featured in Country Living are from HERE and HERE. We recommend designing your own and having a local company create a stamp for you for a fraction of the cost.

McGee’s Stamp and Trophy‘s website is equipped to upload your artwork and have your stamped shipped to you.

This month’s House Beautiful was packed with pretty fabrics rooms and decor but nothing jumped off the page as this ad:

Ok, I admit that I may have a slight obsession with pretty cakestands/domes/cloches, but aren’t they just beautiful?! I directly went to Macy’s website to check out Martha’s new collection.

Now I am even more excited to look in the new Macys at City Creek on Thurs!

Now for Sarah’s finds:

This month’s magazines are all about the garden. It makes me both overwhelmed and inspired to see so many lush greens. I’m starting some seeds this week, and this year my goal is to eat summer salads stocked from my own garden.

In Martha she mentions historical seeds from Monticello, that may have been the same variety that Thomas Jefferson used. I think the packaging is adorable, and would make a perfect additon to any spring gift basket.

Also this month getting in shape seems to be on everyone’s mind. I’m not the best at hitting the gym, but with the swimsuit months fast approaching and cadbury mini eggs now in season I’m in need of something.

This article in Parents gives suggestions to a highly efficient workout that only takes 15 minutes a day.

For that amount of time, I won’t even bother thinking up an excuse I’ll just get to work. :)




A Treasured Photo

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Growing up, we had a photograph of my Irish Grandparents at the bottom of our staircase. It was posed picture of them on their wedding day, I loved it.

My grandfather died a couple of years before I was born, and that photo was my only visual of the man behind the stories my mother often told of him.

A few years ago a relative sent us this photograph, and I fell more in love. Unlike the staged photo I grew up with, it shows interaction between the two, and I can easily imagine the love they shared. Don’t they look blissfully happy?

Now it hangs at the top of my staircase, as a reminder to them, and also to me…to document little the little moments.


(Check out our list of Irish faves HERE and HERE.)

Affordable Accesories to Make You Blush

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

It’s time to spring up those dull winter outfits with some pretty accessories. One of my favorite colors this time of year is pink. I am thinking of cherry blossoms and soft pink Easter eggs!

Lots of shops are on board this spring, so I’ve rounded up a few of the prettiest and most affordable:

Pink Collar Necklace $10.50

Pearl Bangles $4.80

Blush Cocktail Ring $4.80

Pink teardrop Necklace $6

Pink Floral Stack Rings $4.80

Teardrop Earrings $6

I have to get those stackable flower rings. Have you picked up any fun accessories for the spring yet?

H&M Black Skinny Jeans

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012


I have been on the hunt for a good pair of black skinny jeans all winter long.

Don’t you agree that jeans are a little more flattering and forgiving than black, clingy leggings that are a little too tight for public eyes?

In fact, Sarah even laughs at me when I wear leggings…

Luckily, a recent trip to H&M ended the hunt and the laughs.  They have a huge variety of jeans (thanks for the tip, Sally).  They literally come in all colors, shapes and sizes.

I opted for the jet black, regular waist, long leg skinny jean, and I pretty much have been living in them since.



This is why you shouldn’t pose in front of H&M while passersby glare at you…awkward!

Now I’ve given Sarah another reason to laugh at me! Oh well, they are comfortable and semi-flattering. Anyone having a hard time finding that perfect jean? Give the good ole’ H&M a try.

Inspired by Green

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Spring is in the air, it feels so good! I am ready to put away my fur blankets and pillows and usher in some bright color into the apartment.  Green is my color of choice and as it’s St Patrick’s Day this week it felt appropriate to share some inspiration.

Hello little green teacup and freshly cut greens! Adding just a few accessories can really look so beautiful.

This next living room is spring perfection. Breezy, white slipcovered couches accented with a punch of green. The lightweight curtains make the room feel so airy, and that subtle print on them is so great. I’m saying a big yes to green and white!

Oh my trellis print! The imperfect lines are so ideal to bring a modern pattern into a country space.

This space wants to brings out Martha in me: organized, sterile and fresh. Everything a perfect pantry should be :)

I think I could sit at this desk in this next space for hours. Green and neutrals make such a fresh and inviting statement.


Maybe adding some green in the house will not only add a little life to our neutral home , but possibly a little luck in my life too, as HGTV did NOT knock on my door! I’ll keep you updated as I add some green around the place.

How will you be changing things up for spring?


Today is the Day: HGTV Dream Home Ambush

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Well…today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. Anyone spying a tall, pretty Monica Pedersen in your neighborhood today? The winner was drawn March 2nd, and Monica will ambush the winner at their home TODAY!

Brad and I drove by the house one last time this weekend. The hot tub sounded very enticing on a beautiful spring evening.

This year HGTV had a record high of over 81 million entries..whoever wins will be one lucky lad or lass indeed.  I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for me and you!

 HGTV Dream Home Giveaway special will air March 17 8pm ET

Clinique Bonus Time at Dillard’s

Friday, March 9th, 2012

It’s time again for bonus time at Clinique. This is the free gift available at Dillard’s with any $23.50 Clinique purchase.

We have been noticing that Clinique make up prices have been sky-rocketing the last little while, enticing us more than ever to stick with our trusty basics.  Sometimes it is so hard not to get side-tracked with new products when you’re in the store!

We are total addicts of the 3-step system, and are happy that these products remain reasonably priced and last forever.

We always plan to purchase one or two 3-step items each bonus time, keeping us stocked on mascara, eye shadow and lip glosses that each bonus gift usually brings. Bonus time runs until March 24th or until gifts last.


Martha Stewart Avery Products at Staples

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

The new Martha Stewart line at Staples has been all the rage lately, we just had to go and see what all the fuss was about.

Finding 40% off coupons in our Martha Stewart publications quickly encouraged a visit. Stickers, labels, notebooks, dry erase boards, the woman thought of everything. Her team is pretty much amazeballs:)

I believe we spent at least 30 minutes in one aisle of Staples checking out all the goodies and narrowing down what we wanted to try first.

Our favorite items so far are the dishwasher/microwave safe labels. They are also incredibly smudge proof and dirt proof and we are giving them two enthusiastic thumbs up.

All these exciting new products have definitely inspired some spring organizing.


Investing in Decore Accessories: Glass Cloche

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Recently, I purchased a glass cloche from the thrift store. It is enormous and something I bought on a whim. When leaving the store I found myself asking, “whatever shall I do with you?”

Well I’ve been thinking…

For March and April we’ll get ready for spring and Easter by displaying a nest with fresh greenery.

In May, you’ll help make my apartment feel closer to the ocean than it actually is.

In June we’ll picnic, and bring you along just to look pretty and to keep the flies at bay.

 Oh and let’s not forget to use you as a centerpiece for all those garden party we’ll be having…haha…

See, you’ve inspired me already! I knew you were a good investment!

Don’t you love it when you use the same piece over and over? It makes me happy knowing I spent my pennies well. I just know I’m not going to regret this $2 cloche. Do you have any piece around the house that are so versatile you never tire of them?




Holler Dollar: Dollar Tree Herbs

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012


The other day I was making a new soup and reached in my cupboard for some dried basil and there was none there. What the heck?!

The next time I was at Target I remembered I needed some, but then after seeing the price was over $2 I thought I’d check the Doller Tree next door.

Low and behold they had some, and quite a lot of other herbs also. This is exactly the price I want to pay for herbs, but the packaging was not cute.

Yes sometimes I pay more for the nice packaging!


Herbs in general are always a bit tricky. When we first got married I tried to only buy the Archer Farms herbs so they’d all match, but it didn’t take long to realized they didn’t have every herb I needed.

Last year I decided to buy all new jars at Bed Bath and Beyond, they were 99 cents each, and I could buy them individually if and when my spice collection grew. Since then I’ve also noticed them at World Market for the same price.

It’s a little bit of happiness opening my spice cupboard to see this:

Simple pleasures people, simple pleasures!

Our Master Bath Reveal: Hand Painted Wallpaper

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Good morning. I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Last Monday I guest posted about my master bathrooms hand painted wallpaper, over at Lil Luna. But incase you didn’t see it there, I wanted to it show off here too.

I’ve been craving a wallpapered accent wall ever since we moved into our new home about four years ago, but there were a couple of problems with this. Firstly, the walls are textured; and secondly, wall paper can be quite expensive. After seeing fellow bloggers hand paint walls (see HERE, and HERE) I was more than inspired to create my own.

My first job was to decide the pattern I wanted. Originally, I was going to do something very clean and graphic like Johnathan Adler’s Nixon Wallpaper, but decided against it because free-handing lines can never be perfect, and I don’t trust stencils not to bleed. So, I went with a design that was inspired by Oh Joy’s Petal Pusher, figuring florals were more forgiving than straight lines. :)

I love the finished look of the whole bathroom, it really does feel way more chic in there now, and it only cost me $5! And time.

I spent probably a total of 20 hours painting. Supplies used were: 1/2 a tub of Martha Stewart’s Metallic Paint (only $5.48 at the Home Depot), a paint brush, and some masking tape.

Paint is by far the most affordable way to change up a room and make a massive impact, but for some reason I think most people are scared of getting the paint brush out. My advice is to just go for it; I think you’ll surprise yourselves. :)