Holler Dollar: Dollar Tree Herbs


The other day I was making a new soup and reached in my cupboard for some dried basil and there was none there. What the heck?!

The next time I was at Target I remembered I needed some, but then after seeing the price was over $2 I thought I’d check the Doller Tree next door.

Low and behold they had some, and quite a lot of other herbs also. This is exactly the price I want to pay for herbs, but the packaging was not cute.

Yes sometimes I pay more for the nice packaging!


Herbs in general are always a bit tricky. When we first got married I tried to only buy the Archer Farms herbs so they’d all match, but it didn’t take long to realized they didn’t have every herb I needed.

Last year I decided to buy all new jars at Bed Bath and Beyond, they were 99 cents each, and I could buy them individually if and when my spice collection grew. Since then I’ve also noticed them at World Market for the same price.

It’s a little bit of happiness opening my spice cupboard to see this:

Simple pleasures people, simple pleasures!

4 Responses to “Holler Dollar: Dollar Tree Herbs”

  1. LB Says:

    I really like the uniformity of your spice containers. It also seems very practical. I have a mix-matched drawer of spices which does not maximize the space. Therefore, I end up with spices in three different places; when in reality, they could fit in the spice drawer if I purchased uniform containers. What a great idea! Thank you for another valuable tip!!

  2. Bri Says:

    Brilliant Sarah! My spice cupboard is a nightmare. How did you label your jars so you don’t confuse crushed red pepper with cayenne? etc…

  3. Sarah@Boxwoodclippings Says:

    Bri, labels in general are still something I’m working on since the look and function have to be right. For these jars I have little ones under the lids that I can see only when opened, Luckily, I came across Martha Stewart’s new line at Staples, they are to die for….stay tuned we’ll be posting about them soon enough!

  4. Emily Says:

    Sarah, thanks for inspiring me! Your spices look so lovely, can’t wait to do mine!!